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Comment Re:Nothing New (Score 1) 628

That is not correct. When I toured the South Korean side of the DMZ the tour guide brought along an escapee from North Korea. She said that at least in her village (near the SK border) people generally had a pretty good idea of the true situation.

Comment Re:this could be the downfall of the NRA (Score 1) 344

4 million members is a tiny minority of the us population. why do you speak of this number with pride? due to demographics, it is in fact shrinking

why is such a tiny minority allowed to lord a status quo over the usa that is detrimental to so many lives?

don't answer that, it doesn't matter

demographics will mean membership is 3 million, then 2 million, etc

and the bulk of rational and sane citizens will move on without you long before that

enjoy obsolescence

Comment Re:this could be the downfall of the NRA (Score 0) 344

it's about hypothesizing how to defeat the NRA, the odious merchant of murder. its funding by gun manufacturers is the problem. like most problems in washington dc, it is about how the will of the people is being defeated by financial interests. with the NRA this phenomenon is especially odious because the results are actual deaths of thousands of citizens a year

the mouth breathing paranoids who support the NRA are of no consequence. they are a fringe group that is dying demographically

without financial influence in washington dc, guns would be more strictly controlled, as they should be in any sane society

Comment Re:bitcoin's value is for it's utopian idealizatio (Score 1) 490

there's so many levels of abject stupidity in your statement. yes, the fed has no assets. LIKE THAT IS A FUCKING FUNCTION OF THE FED

it's a policy making body of a larger entity that is what really matters here. and no, you are right, they are not going to sell off PHYSICAL assets

(pounds head on table)

do you have any idea how fucking embarrassing you sound?

please. PLEASE. educate yourself. then form an opinion and speak on a subject


Comment Re:bitcoin's value is for it's utopian idealizatio (Score 1) 490

i do have a problem where i derive some sort of perverse delight raining simple points of logic and reason on the obviously insane

i am still not sure if this makes me bad, like a bully, or good, like a bringer of light to a dark corner

but certain wackjobs of a certain mental posture make me itch in a part of my brain, and i have this compulsion to mercilessly torment them with simple obvious points which easily explode their bizarre blind spots and fragile castles in the sky

they don't often notice while they continue to vomit their WHARGARBBBLLLLL. but everyone else, like you, does. so it's entertaining at least

Comment Re:bitcoin's value is for it's utopian idealizatio (Score 1) 490

it does have traditional value. and civilizations have independently come to value gold. there's something psychological about the substance

but it is pretty useless for what these people want to use it for: a hedge against the end of civilization

because you're right, it has no intrinsic value. what can you do with gold? you can't eat it. and in anarchy, someone is more likely to shoot you for it than trade for it

if civilization is going to end, invest in gang membership and heavy weaponry. there's intrinsic value. then go kill the guy with gold if you really want the stuff so bad

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