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Comment Re:Will AT&T repay me for the days my service (Score 1) 213

Brighthouse had some failure a couple weeks back and cable tv service was out for 8 to 20 hours depending on where you lived. Happened right when two big sports games were on tv so a lot of people were pissed. Brighthouse is doing pro-rated refunds for that time period. They also sent a coupon for a free pay per view movie and a letter of apology. A coupon for a free pay per view event, wrestling, boxing, whatever, would have been much nicer as I've already seen all of the pay per movies that I want to see right now. I thought it was a nice gesture though.

Comment Re:Too Bad (Score 2, Interesting) 262

Yea yea, blah blah. Make your own god damn films if you feel so strongly! No seriously. Make some films so we have something better to watch then the current batch of horse shit. You can't. Neither can I. Nor can anyone else. That is why we get the same shit recycled over and over. That's not always a bad thing. For example, I thought Rob Zombie did a good job with Halloween. To me he proved himself with his first couple of films and then he took on the remaking of a masterpiece. As far as slasher films go, you've gotta give props to the original Halloween. It paved the way for Jason and Freddie and everyone else. That's not to say it's one of the greatest films of all time, but in the horror genre, I think you've gotta put it in the top 10 or 20.

That said, if you could find the funding to make a really great non-recycled-horse-shit movie, how many people would ever get the chance to see it? There are a lot of great indie films but they don't get shown on every screen everywhere like the shit Hollywood churns out month after month and until society wises up and says fuck this, I want quality or I'm not going to spend my money anymore, nothing will change.

Then again, I like a lot of what Hollywood has been putting out lately. Vantage Point, Strangers, and Alphabet Murders are three movies I watched last night that I thought were decent.

Comment Re:Technorati (Score 2, Interesting) 326

Thank you for clearing that up. I'll admit, I was one of the confused.

New rule: confusing shit is not to be posted until mid-afternoon so that we may have a chance to get enough caffeine into our weary bodies that we just might notice the slight difference in the name. Or, if that's too much to ask, pertinent info such as this could be included in the fucking summary.

Comment Re:These clones suck (Score 1) 648

It's amazing the company survived after producing these turds. The funny thing is that other computers at the time also had their share of problems. My brother-in-law bought a scanner for his Windows machine and couldn't get it to work at all. I bought a scanner for my Performa after he'd fiddled with hsi for 2 or three weeks with no success and mine was working in a half hour. Of course the whole machine would lock up occasionally, or do really odd things, but when it was working, it worked better than his.

Comment Re:These clones suck (Score 1) 648

The world is a much different place these days. Now owning a Mac is "cool" and I wouldn't be surprised to see companies like Dell making clones if Mac clones were to make a comeback. Jobs isn't going to let that happen if there is anything he can do to stop it however. I don't recall him EVER having anything nice to say about cloning and I know that due to some of the clones being better than what Apple was shipping, at least on paper, it was causing Apple to lose money and didn't do much to expand the user base which had been the whole point. When you are looking at a catalog and see one computer offers xyz for $$$ and another offers something that looks like it has xyz and abc for only $$, you might just buy that one. I don't disagree that the clones may have been inferior, but first time buyers often have no idea what quality to expect and if their only experience is the clone, they'll have a bad opinion of Apple in general.

That said, I had an Apple Performa 6360 and I don't know if a clone company could have made anything worse that that piece of crap. The OS which was 7.5.3 was crap. The hardware had issues. An Apple guy had to come to my house and replace all of the innards because there was a defect that caused it to crash often. Service was prompt however and he arrived the very next day after I was on the phone with Apple for a couple hours. Thankfully Apple got things turned around and make really great computers these days.

Comment Re:Why don't we just all split the cost? (Score 1) 197

Don't forget we'll also need a way to launch it. And how do we decide who gets to fly first? It holds what, 7 people at a time? 500,000 co-owners... knowing my luck I'd be in the one of the last groups... I'd die of old age before I ever got a turn. And lets not even consider how much it would cost to launch it... nor the logistics of the whole thing. Sure, having a shuttle would be damn cool, but getting to fly the shuttle you just paid mega bucks for would be freakin amazing!!!

Comment Re:The perfect weapon for the elderly ....... (Score 1) 1093

I just did a Google search to compare a 6 gauge to a 12 gauge and I couldn't find any info on a 6 gauge. Did you mean a 16 gauge? From what I found, for commonly available guns anyway, 10 gauge is the largest. Considering that the lower the number, the larger the bore, a 6 gauge would pack quite a punch. You mentioned recoil rocketing them to safety, that would be the one to do it me thinks. It would probably dislocate a shoulder or break some ribs when fired, but yea, it might get the wheel chair movin' a bit. lol

Submission + - Australian likely to escape death for cannabis

tortilla writes: "AN Adelaide man is likely to escape execution after being arrested in Singapore allegedly in possession of 495g of cannabis, just 5g under the death penalty limit. Michael Karras, 38, was alleged to have had four slabs of a greenish matter in his flat when it was searched by officers of Singapore's Central Narcotics Bureau late last week. If found guilty, he faces between five and 20 years in jail and between five and 15 strokes of the cane. Under the city-state's tough drug laws, trafficking 500g of cannabis would be punishable by death. A Department of Foreign Affairs spokeswoman said Mr Karras and his family in Australia were being provided consular assistance. Mr Karras's mother, Irene, said she could not discuss the charges levelled against her son. "You need to respect my wishes as a mother," she said from her Adelaide home. "It's a small community and I have to live here." Australian Van Tuong Nguyen was hanged in 2005 after his conviction for trafficking heroin, despite pleas for his life from John Howard and international human rights groups. Nguyen was caught three years earlier at Changi Airport carrying nearly 400g of the drug while in transit from Cambodia to his home in Melbourne. Singapore has regularly refused to buckle to international pressure on its legal system, not only turning down repeated requests for clemency in the Nguyen case, but also rejecting international appeals on other cases. The appropriateness of the death penalty is a taboo subject in Singapore, where executions receive little media attention. In 1994, the island nation caned American teenager Michael Fay, accused of vandalising cars, while in 1997 it sentenced a New Zealander to jail and caning for overstaying his visa and taking drugs. Probably the most controversial case was the 1994 execution of Filipina maid Flor Contemplacion, convicted of murder. Her death caused a diplomatic row between Singapore and The Philippines, but Singapore refused to budge. Amnesty International says Singapore has the highest rate of executions per capita in the world, hanging eight people last year. By Simon Hayes and Pia Akerman @ The Australian January 17, 2007 01:00am,10117,21071250-2,00 .html?from=public_rss"

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