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Submission + - Gmail Outage Affecting Even Google Employees ( 5

David Lechnyr writes: "We run a hosted Google Apps system and have been receiving 502 Server Error responses for the past hour. The unusual thing about this is that our Google phone support rep (which paid accounts get) indicated that this outage is also affecting Google employees as well, making it difficult to coordinate. Minor in the grand scheme of things, perhaps, but unsettling if it affects not only the clients but the service provider as well..."

Comment Re:Only On Slashdot (Score 1) 443

Joss Whedon is a derivative hack who can't help be defile every thing he touches with some sort of adolescent fantasy involving shitty, super-powered, little girls. Then his shows get canceled and the fucker throws a tantrum a 7 year old would envy, killing off all the likable characters and pile driving what little story there was face first into the fucking ground.

You get big props for calling it like you see it. I don't entirely agree, but you got guts.

Comment Re:In other news . . . (Score 1) 289

"Of course this isn't the trading of copyrighted files - it's a simple download and doesn't behave the same way as P2P networks."

Someone HAS to upload those file my friend. That content doesn't just magically appear there by itself.

You are correct, but I believe that Pirou was trying to point out the difference between just downloading content someone else uploaded, and downloading content while actively taking part in its distribution (P2P). I believe each is a different scenario legally. Would someone better versed in this difference like to chime in?

Comment Re:Facebook (Score 2, Informative) 180

Because no one uses it as an aggregator for other sites. Most of the time is actually spent on the site, with the goal of creating or viewing content on Facebook, not going to 3rd party sites to view their content.

Well that & I just checked the Facebook website, and I didn't notice any framing of 3rd party sites (which might be the other problem with your argument)

Good point. There is a difference of purpose with Facebook. BTW, Facebook does use framing when following a shared link that does not have built-in support for the site like YouTube.


Submission + - Dr. Manhattan Jumps the Uncanny Valley

DirkBalognapantz writes: Newsarama has a story on one Watchmen breakthrough that has not gotten a lot of coverage in the mainstream media. The article has some background on how the effects team worked to overcome the Uncanny Valley with Dr. Manhattan. How do the readers think they did? I would say it still had some moments where I was pulled a little out of the illusion. And no, I am not talking about his blue penis.

Comment Re:But CER is government control (Score 2, Informative) 1064

Let's take the little issue of pap smears after hysterectomies. If you had a hysterectomy for actual cervical cancer, then you ARE supposed to keep getting pap smears (at some unknown frequency). That's because cancerous tissue doesn't necessarily stop growing the moment it wanders off it's initial tissue base. That's why it's a cancer.

Thanks you for posting this. My wife had a hysterectomy after cervical cancer, and IS supposed to continue to get them (less frequently, of course). She knows much more about this than I do, but when I told her about this article, she said it was irresponsible to suggest after cancer is removed you no longer need to get paps. She was a surgical tech, worked in an OBGYN office and grew up around family working in medicine. She doesn't know everything, but she did her homework on this when we were dealing with it. Anyone out there who deals with this, your life is worth more than this sound-bite critique.

Comment Re:Why stop there? (Score 1) 155

Is that true? I am trying to find the final numbers, but coming up with articles predicting the results up through late 2007. It was my understanding that the cut-off date was always planned, and not the result of poor digital sales. I just read that around 12% paid from $8-$12 for in rainbows (the 2nd largest group). Hell, I paid the standard iTunes $9.99 when I could have gotten it for free. Does anyone have some hard numbers here? I see a claim that they made 10 million, but think that was pretty early press.

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