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Comment Re:So what does work? Any advice? (Score 1) 403

Sure, your suggestions are good ones that I think most people interested in increased cognitive function are already doing. I'm interested in what can be done beyond that.

According to Wikipedia, Adderall increases alertness, concentration, and cognitive capabilities. It helps you stay awake and focus for long periods of time. But is this above and beyond what you can accomplish through puritanical living?


Comment Re:some boring/predictable stuff in that list (Score 1) 86

My wife has an iPhone and if I were inclined to buy a phone right now, I would probably get one. Mostly because of the apps (including iTunes) and the industrial design of the phone itself.

I live in Texas and we haven't had any problems with AT&T's service. I understand if you live in San Francisco or New York your experience would be different, but out here, it works well enough.

I especially like how Apple chose to not write "Apple" or "AT&T" on the front of the phone. There are lots of other phones out there that look nice, but for some reason everybody wants to stencil the manufacturers name and network name on the front. This might seem trivial, but things that look better, work better (c.f. Donald Norman).

FWIW, my phone is a Palm Centro :).

Comment Re:Walmart not as well-run as believed... (Score 1) 272

There's some odd psychology at play when it comes to trash and littering. I used to live in Portland, OR and while I was there, I read that the city had removed trash cans from the city-owned parking garages. They found that actually reduced the amount of litter in and around the parking structures.

Comment Re:I wonder what happens when you Google Bing (Score 2, Insightful) 514

I'm not sure your two links prove your point. As I age, I'm getting more critical of bad user interfaces.

If you are searching for Google, then you almost certainly want http://www.google.com./ Might as well show only that as sometimes less is more.

If that isn't what you wanted, click on the other results link just below and you can see lots of other stuff. But really, if you want anything other than the homepage, you are going to have to come up with a better query than "google".

Google got a lot of attention in the early days for its clean uncluttered interface. I applaud Bing for their clean uncluttered results page. At least for the example you pointed out.

Comment Re:Contact the BSA & request an audit (Score 5, Insightful) 1006

It doesn't work quite like this. Microsoft has no more right to demand an audit of your systems than you do of their systems. They can only demand an audit if you've already agreed to do so in a licensing agreement you consented to. Generally, if you get a corporate site license or possibly other volume licensing from MS, you have agreed to on demand audits. If all the MS software you have came with the machines (like Windows and often Office) or you bought shrinkwrap versions, you don't have to agree to anything unless they have a court order.


Comment Re:Lecture Fruit! (Score 4, Insightful) 475

You know, this is one of the things about organic fruit and vegetables that bugs me. My grocer tends to have the organic fruits and veggies pre-packaged rather than lose. I might only want 3 apples, but guess what, they only come in 6 packs. Want a few organic bananas, too bad. The organic ones have a sticky plastic strip around them so you can't just break off the amount you want.

I'm pretty selective about what I buy and I only want to buy what I need. And I definitely don't need a bunch of extra packaging. In the end, I often end up buying non-organic food just because I end up wasting less that way.

Comment Re:Wrong problem (Score 5, Insightful) 475

I'd also like to see where the fruit is from, possibly even identify the grower. There are three basic reasons:

1. I prefer to buy stuff grown close to where I live. My grocery store will generally include the country of origin in the signage, but I really don't trust that they get that right.
2. If there is some type of contamination problem, the CDC could more quickly track down the source and scope of the problem.
3. I might discover that some growers produce better or worse food than others. The information could help me spend my food dollars more effectively.


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