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Reinventing the Axe 217

Nerval's Lobster (2598977) writes "The axe has been with us for thousands of years, with its design changing very little during that time. After all, how much can you really alter a basic blade-and-handle? Well, Finnish inventor Heikki Karna has tried to change it a whole lot, with a new, oddly-shaped axe that he claims is a whole lot safer because it transfers a percentage of downward force into rotational energy, cutting down on deflections. 'The Vipukirves [as the axe is called] still has a sharpened blade at the end, but it has a projection coming off the side that shifts the center of gravity away from the middle. At the point of impact, the edge is driven into the wood and slows down, but the kinetic energy contained in the 1.9 kilogram axe head continues down and to the side (because of the odd center of gravity),' is how Geek.com describes the design. 'The rotational energy actually pushes the wood apart like a lever.' The question is, will everyone pick up on this new way of doing things?"

Tor Project: Fake Tor App Has Been In Apple's App Store For Months 78

itwbennett (1594911) writes "For the past several months Tor developers have unsuccessfully been trying to convince Apple to remove from its iOS App Store what they believe to be a fake and potentially malicious Tor Browser application. According to subsequent messages on the bug tracker, a complaint was filed with Apple on Dec. 26 with Apple reportedly responding on Jan. 3 saying it would give a chance to the app's developer to defend it. More than two months later, the Tor Browser app created by a developer named Ronen is available still in the App Store. The issue came into the public spotlight Wednesday when people involved in the Tor Project took to Twitter to make their concerns heard. Apple did not respond to IDG News Service's request for comment."

Comment Re:I'm so pissed at electronic devices!!! (Score 1) 134

The slashdot boycott must be working because slashdot is clearly falling apart; +5 Interesting?!!??!?! WTF???, I just wish someone would point me to wherever the slashdot fork is being set up so I don't accidently read another post like this. Anyway:

If you would just google your problem, in a fraction of the time you spent ranting you would already know all of the sharing features you want are available via google drive, and android auto-updates can be turned as a whole or on an app by app basis by going to Play --> right menu -->settings --> Auto Update Apps --> Do Not auto update apps or Play --> left menu --> my apps --> right menu -->unselect auto update app respectively.

Comment Re:Killing two birds with one stone? (Score 1) 408

In what fucking universe do you exist in where this is a logical rebuttal to "I live in the real world, and my real world landlord doesn't accept BTC"? Right now, I can't buy groceries with BTC. I can't pay for parking with BTC. I can't take a friend out for lunch and pay with BTC. I can't buy a car from a local dealership with BTC, I can't go see a movie in the theatres with BTC.

I don't know where you live, but in Boston, my local coffe / sandwich shop accepts bit-coin; and one of my favorite restruant aggregators accepts bitcoin and actually lists a grocery store!

Futher, while I can't pay for parking, and would have to pre-purchase moieve vouchers to go to the cinema, a few of the local cab companies accept bitcoin, and you can buy concert tix with them.

Moreover, while you might not be able to buy a car from a LOCAL dealer ship (my dealer joked with me about taking bit-coin, but I never found out if they were serious or not), you certianly buy a car with bitcoin.

And as a landlord my self, I'd happly accept bit-coin, or what-ever semi-stable currency you want to give me as long as you pay on time!

For all other transactions you could just used a pre-paid credit card, but proably would get hit with exchange fees.

Comment Re:Other options (Score 1) 381

Yes, definitely to Chromium - chrome give me tons of white pages when I try to load heavy sites, and even crashes about once a month, but for some reason chromium doesn't. But I haven't noticed a difference between Iceweasle and Firefox, so for all intents and purposes they are the same. Personally, I use Chromium for google apps, like drive and gmail, but find firefox/iceweasel is more versatile at navigating the rest of the web. That said, when my x server is acting wonky, links wins hands down ;-)

Comment Re: Security 101 (Score 1) 332

Well, extrapolating on your logic: "fatal car accidents" returns 65,200,000 hits, and since sky diving is more dangerous (7 micromorts per jump) than driving a car (1 micromort per 230 miles driven), and "fatal skydiving accidents"only returns 108,000 hits one might conclude the less hits returned the more dangerous the activity, and thus, fishing is safer than skydiving.

Hollywood's Love of Analytics Couldn't Prevent Six Massive Blockbuster Flops 1029

Nerval's Lobster writes "In June, Steven Spielberg predicted that Hollywood was on the verge of an 'implosion' in which 'three or four or maybe even a half-dozen megabudget movies are going to go crashing to the ground.' The resulting destruction, he added, could change the film industry in radical and possibly unwelcome ways. And sooner than he may have thought, the implosion has arrived: in the past couple weeks, six wannabe blockbusters have cratered at the North American box office: 'R.I.P.D.,' 'After Earth,' 'White House Down,' 'Pacific Rim,' and 'The Lone Ranger.' These films featured big stars, bigger explosions, and top-notch special effects—exactly the sort of summer spectacle that ordinarily assures a solid run at the box office. Yet all of them failed to draw in the massive audiences needed to earn back their gargantuan budgets. Hollywood's more reliant than ever on analytics to predict how movies will do, and even Google has taken some baby-steps into that arena with a white paper describing how search-query patterns and paid clicks can estimate how well a movie will do on its opening weekend, but none of that data seems to be helping Hollywood avoid shooting itself in the foot with a 'Pacific Rim'-sized plasma cannon. In other words, analytics can help studios refine their rollout strategy for new films—but the bulk of box-office success ultimately comes down to the most elusive and unquantifiable of things: knowing what the audience wants before it does, and a whole lot of luck."

Comment Re:Military-Industrial Complex makes the world wor (Score 1) 405

This was my first thought as well, but in reality it's a problem with the political system not being able to resist lobbyists do to the amount of money needed to fund an election. rootstrikers.org seems to have a good idea of how to solve this, but I'd be interested if anyone knows of other ideas that might fix the system.

Comment Re:Healthcare is the cause of our economic problem (Score 1) 405

Healthcare is the cause of our economic problems

Wrong. Almost all economists will agree that it's actually due to the failure to reinstate glass-steagall, which pretty much ensures the same type of fincial crisis can and will repeat it self.

It is time to drop this terrible profit-driven heatlhcare model completely in this country. Fewer people get good care every year, and the people at the top who are in charge of denying care get more rewards every year as a result. The profit motive does not lead to good or accessible care; the rest of the world knows this and it is time the US wakes up to that obvious fact.

Agreed. Except profit motive does sometimes it does lead to exellent (just not accessible) healthcare - ie: Pompei's desease

Ultimately, this terrible system is part of what keeps the US unemployment rate up. Plenty of people who are looking for work would be happy to work part-time - and are capable of living on part-time pay - but cannot take part-time work because they cannot get health care with only part-time work. If health care was guaranteed as a right - as well it ought to be - then these people would be able to work as they wish, rather than as they are required.

This is exactly what Obama care is suppose to adress once it's fully implmented. Thus, healthcare is most certinly not the area in need of most reform.

Incase you are wondering, out fo the choices, I think Law Enforcement is actually the issue. As long as we have an injust system (one that sends peple away on drug charges longer than we do for murder and allows people at the top to steal trillions from the econmy and not serve any jail time) there will be no incentive to play fairly and to find common ground with one anonther.

However, it seems clear to me that it will be difficult to have any effect on the issues that matter most until we get money out of politics / fix the way we do elections. I feel the best hope for this is to follow the path outlined by rootstrikers.org

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