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Comment Re:Not too surprised... (Score 2) 247

both BT and Virgin's offerings are capped, throttled, very expensive, or some combination of the above

Exactly, I've got Virgin Broadband at home and they throttle the hell out of me (I'm a torrenter). I went to stay with a friend for a month recently and BT told him he was going to exceed their "fair use policy" on a supposedly "unlimited" deal.

So why pay for the extra bandwidth if you're not allowed to use it.

Comment Re:Need better shielding (Score 1) 627

It's important we make arrangements to protect people with this sort of sensitivity from the radio transmissions which make them ill. We should declare Bouvet Island radio transmission free for 500 miles in every direction and encourage them to move there. We could provide a surface ship to supply provisions and carry mail - perhaps it could be scheduled to call once every six or twelve months. I'd be pleased to chip in towards the costs of providing such a supply ship.

Comment Re:Linux, anyone? (Score 1) 303

Maybe it's got more to do with MS's long history of duplicity, lack of ethics and illegal business practices. Anybody who believes MS has suddenly become genuinely OS friendly is hopelessly naive. There's a long list of companies and individuals who've learnt the hard way - you can't trust MS - they screw over their business partners every time.

Comment Re:Stabil? (Score 1) 200

The rotors would add gyroscopic stability to the thing in the same way as the wheels on a bicycle make it easier to keep upright when moving. It could well be enough stabilisation to make riding this no more difficult of a balancing act than cycling - depending of course on the weight of the rotors, etc.

Comment Re:Bullshit! (Score 1) 115

Virgin Media are an appalingly bad company to do business with, they seem to see customers as victims for them to rip off at every opportunity. They lie without conscience or remorse whenever it suits them. Never do business with Virgin Media or at least read the small print VERY carefully and if you think to yourself - well that means they "could" do x but they never would, think again.

Comment Re:China called (Score 1) 152

I said "probably" because I don't know, but purely speculatively, US assets might include some or all of the following:

US official reserve assets, Gold, Foreign Currency, Securities, Bond, Corporate Stocks, Physical Assets (Buildings, Land, Motor Vehicles, Storage Facilities), and probably a load of stuff I haven't thought of.

Not that I'd be surprised if US Gov assets in PRC don't total 2.8 billion but . . . probably.

Comment Re:China called (Score 1) 152

And there's probably at least 2.3b worth of US government assets on PRC soil that could be seized without a judgement. Sounds like PRC quite correctly take the view that US courts have no jurisdiction over what happens in another country and can go screw themselves. Go China! I only wish my government had a similar attitude.

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