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Comment Re:supporting this is going to be a nightmare (Score 2) 442

Microsoft is desperate. They are in panic mode.

They quickly have become irrelevant at home, where most needs are covered by old PCs plus consoles plus tablets.

They also have become irrelevant at the office, where their enemy is their older products, which are good enough for most needs.

They also lost the .net bet, since it failed to penetrate the developer market in high numbers.

They lost the multimedia streaming value. Silverlight is already obsolete.

They are totally irrelevant in the smartphone and tablet market.

They lost the web browser war.

They lost the web search and advertising war.

Microsoft's only recent success is the XBox.

They have almost nothing to brag about in the last few years, and so, in their desperation, they introduce changes for the sake of change, hoping they will make something nice and cool that will capture people's imagination, so as that they will become relevant again.

Comment Why this instead of a starship? (Score 1) 540

Why did you choose a one-way trip to Mars, instead of a starship that can make the trip from Earth to Mars and back a commodity?

A staship could be assembled in space, have artificial gravity via rotating sections, use nuclear power, have small craft that can land on planets, and be reused for travels in many solar system bodies.

With such a ship, many trips to Mars can be done, and there would be no need to sacrifice anyone.

Comment Piracy is theft, period. (Score 1) 713

"music is not property, because it is not tangible". No, music is tangible, it is written on paper, like a novel, with symbols being the musical notes instead of letters. When played, music is vibrations of molecules, so it is very tangible.

"piracy does not hurt profit". If one produced a song that was 100% pirated, profit would be 0. So, piracy does hurt profit.

"a pirated song is not a lost sale". It is a lost sale, because it denies profit to the owner of the song.

"copyright exists for the promotion of arts and culture". No, no matter how it is being said, copyright exists to protect profit. Encouraging an artist to create more works is only meaningful if the artist can make a profit from its works in order to sustain him/herself.

"piracy is not immoral because corporations are evil". But you could fight the evil corporations by not using/buying their products, which you obviously do not do. So, that is just and excuse for not paying.

"I may pirate things, but I always buy them later, and most other people do so". Pirates who do not buy the products later will not say so in any poll, or on the internet.

"copyright should not exist because it hinders the promotion of culture". No, it does not, because, by your own admission, you are willing to pay for culture.

"before recording was possible, musicians earned a living only by live performances". No, they did not, being musicians was their hobby, they all had jobs. Those that did not have jobs were protected by the weathy, mostly royalty or church.

"copyright should only be for 15 years, anything beyond that is stupid". No, it is not. You would pay money for a 30 year old car, why not for a 30 old song?

"artificial scarcity should not be allowed". The ability to copy a song does not mean that scarcity is artificial, because before the copy, the song did not exist. Artficial scarcity is when a product does exist but it is not being sold in order to keep its price high. In the case of a song, an instance of it does not exist before being created.

"piracy is out there, the internet cannot be stopped". Nuclear weapons are also out there, shouldn't we make an attempt to stop them? the availability of something does not make that something legal or good, just because it exists.

"why should we pay X dollars for a song, when the cost of reproducing it is almost zero?" because that is what the song's creator wants, and the right to sell one's product at the price he/she wants is a fundamental principle of our economic system. If you find the price too high, you can ignore the product or negotiate a lower price.

Comment Re:The big difference here is (Score 1) 679

We are at least 10 years behind what we could have right now, because Microsoft had chosen the shitty 8086 over the Motorola 68000, back in the 80s.

And it was not a matter of price, because 8086 systems were not that cheaper from 68000 systems. A high end 8086 Compaq Desk Pro with a SCSI hard disk and a mouse cost nearly $3k, almost as the Apple Mac Plus.

Comment Here are 3 problems for these geniouses to solve. (Score 1) 303

1) the grand unified theory of physics.

2) an economic system that is fair, allows for balanced development and does not cause crises.

3) a programming language that allows a compiler the sophistication of human reasoning in order to catch as many bugs as possible.

Now, if these geniouses can make progress in any of the above, they would offer a real good service to humanity.

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