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Comment Re:The solution.. (Score 5, Funny) 484

You're words are truthy enough, but your assuming that synergistic words like irregardless don't have impacts on english as we know it. The facts is that people will use words like that wether we like it or not. This is truely, the case when it comes to American's use of language. Sadly, theirs very little we, as people far more litterate than the average people, can really do about that. If people used grammer checkers, then you and me would not see so many people authoring bad words and having a negative affect on english as it is known and practised today but should be editted and spokened tomorrow.

Comment Re:Have you looked at the features.. (Score 3, Insightful) 460

Spoken like someone who's obviously never seen, much less used, OS X Server. OS X server is built around standards based enterprise tools like Apache, LDAP, CalDAV, and IMAP. You know, ISP grade stuff like this:

What standards is your Windows Server / gaming platform, based on?

Comment Re:2% difference... big deal. (Score 1) 263

I'd say that the difference is about how many page loads completed and how fast. IE8 is the slowest of all the browsers compared, so if less page loads completed, then it would probably use less power. I can make my battery last far longer if I only load 6 pages a minute as opposed to 10. The fact that the results essentially lists the browsers from slowest to fastest belies that hidden truth.

Comment Re:Quite (Score 2, Interesting) 1055

I see you haven't used NetBeans. XCode isn't bad, it's far better then the MS IDEs. I think my fave is Eclipse, not because it's a great editor, but because the plugin ecosystem is very good. I give XCode props because the code completion and refactoring are some of the best I've come across. However, most "hard" programmers still fall back to the terminal for building / testing.

Comment Re:let me guess (Score 1) 260

You have to twist it a bit and say that you're editing your latest production for Universal Pictures on that MacBook or writing the screenplay for book X on that MacBook. If you data mine the Playboy archives for hottie turn ons, computers, MacBooks included, appear exactly 0 times.

Comment Re:Designing chips (Score 1) 280

Apple makes the best consumer hardware out there, bar none. Screw the OS, you cannot get better hardware from ANY major manufacturer. So take your plastic, 4 hour battery, 2.5" inch thick, 10 pound piece of shit and shove it where the sun don't shine. Leave the serious toys for the big boys and go back to playing WoW while the rest of us work on moving technology forward.

Comment Re:Not the programming (Score 2, Interesting) 334

Even better ... they should pack their crap up and head to lovely Somalia, the ideal capitalist society, no laws, no taxes, no government! Yeah, they have no infrastructure, no health care system (public or private), no education system, rampant disease, lack of food, and no police to stop people from killing you for what you do have, but hey, that's why you're the self reliant type and don't need no stinkin' government. In addition, there's no socialist pensions or medicare, mostly because people die in their late 40s on average, but hey it's one more thing you won't be paying taxes for! In fact, Somalia is so free, you can even chose to become a pirate, yes a pirate, and live a responsibility-free life in a tropical paradise. So, feeling oppressed by the tyrannical, thieving, socialist US government? Well, head to Somalia, no visas required, all are welcomed ... oh ... and bring lots of food, medicine, and money, they love that, and the government there promises nobody will kill you for it. Well ... if they had a government ... but that's part of the charm, and remember, come to Somalia, we've got pirates ...

Comment Rough start ... (Score 1) 739

There are some hardcore old timers on this page ... my first brush with Linux was RedHat 5.1 in 1998, paired with an Oracle install. RAID card wasn't supported at the time. I had a baaaaaaad time and had to crawl back to NT 4.0 instead. I remained interested and when the chance produced itself in 2001 to setup a bunch of Linux servers, I lept. I've had at least 2 machines running Linux since early 2001 and as many as 2 dozen at one point, spread across a bunch of data centers. Linux is just sooooo nice on servers ... absolutely love it. I did Linux on a laptop for about 5 years too, but use a Mac now since it has the same UNIX goodness underneath.

Comment Re:point of reference (Score 1) 386

Bullshit ... no way ... I remember the bad IBM and the good IBM only came after techs turned their backs on what was Big Blue. MS has alienated a lot of developers, they're poised for some serious pain in the coming years. They may turn it around, but they'll have to stop their lock-in games, just like IBM did, and that's gonna take away all their pricing power. MS won't go away, but it won't look anything like the company are today before the bleeding stops.

Comment Re:New OS naming trend? (Score 1) 386

To be fair ... NT had a numbering scheme. In fact, NT was the main reason why I liked MS back in the day. That came to a screeching halt right after W2K though. W2K is the last piece of MS software that I can say I liked, but I still think the NT 3.x line was the best stuff they ever put out. NT 4.x was when the "edition" forks started and everything started degrading from then on.

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