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Comment Re:Here's your debate (Score 1) 566

You have a point, but after the last few days worth of NSA revelations I don't think anyone that isn't seriously paranoid is thinking carefully enough. I know bugger all about the implementation of Linux's random, but my question is simply this: what are the consequences if an attacker were able to manipulate rdrand at will? If the answer is not nothing, well, something needs tackled.

Comment Re:Truecrypt Re:Not much worry with a source build (Score 1) 472

There was some discussion on this on Schneier's blog re the NA decryption story. Halfway down the (very erudite) thread this is discussed. The originally leaked PDF is an April's Fool joke but it was based on a real one, now missing. Some further discussion ensued on the security of Truecrypt, sufficiently interesting to make me doubt it.

Comment Re:As soon as the smart car counts as the driver (Score 1) 662

Yes, with automated cars there will always be freak events that even a moderately competent driver could have dealt with correctly. However, I'd lay good money that the number of accidents arising and their severity is way, way lower than the current 30,000 deaths a year in the US from vehicle accidents. Really, the only argument against it is squeamishness. Not good enough.

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