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Comment Re:Prevent. (Score 1) 970

The basic Brother 4040CDN I just bought is a color laser with 4 individual toner cartridges, duplex, 21ppm and networking for $360- and it will last me a decade at least. It's not a photo printer, but if all you need is color it's a better choice than an overpriced inkjet.

Comment Re:Don't Use Copper - wrong (Score 1) 465

Funny- but lots of houses in Levittown had copper radiant floor systems that failed and were attributed to the copper. We also have houses in Florida and Long Island developing pinhole leaks- either due to impurities in the copper, or environmental degradation. Either way- a single, jointless run of PEX is a hell of a lot safer bet (especially considering it can flex) than a copper pipe that can corrode, has lots of joints, and can't flex.

Comment How about doing what you enjoy? (Score 5, Insightful) 372

Stop worrying about what's going to make you the most money and figure out what you enjoy. An MBA that hates his job is worthless. A computer scientist that isn't passionate about math and theory is worthless. An IT guy that isn't obsessed with all things tech will never be as good as the guy that is.

Figure out what you love doing and do that. If you really love it you'll be better at it. The best people in any field always make plenty of money.

As an aside- the last thing this world needs is more lawyers. The second to last thing this world needs is more MBA's.

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