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Comment Re:Meego and Symbian aren't dead just yet (Score 1) 479

Low-priority? They've had a rather decent system going since 2005, released a phone running it in november 2009 and while it had some flaws. It was really rather decent even from a non geek point of view(I have a few non geek friends that love it) while being awesome from a a geek point of view. Then they switched the entire base, and the frontend when they switched to MeeGo. I've skipped getting a n900 to wait for the MeeGo device. But it seems like I'll get a n900 after all. The only thing that "sucks" on it is the touchscreen. I've never felt that Maemo/MeeGo was anything BUT a low-priority project. And thats pretty much why they are where they are. They spent a fortune on Symbian instead of going with was able to compete with their competitors. Nokia seems to have had retards for management for 4-5 years. Fucking retards. BTW, are there any third party capacitive touchscreens for the N900?

Comment Re:re Debian Squeeze (Score 1) 345

I got scripts to download and compile the stuff I need when I go on new machines. So other then some basic X libs for dwm, git and a compiler. I really don't care what desktop apps a machine has. One command on any machine = my default desktop setup. Fairly handy.

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