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Comment Re:Who is Nokia again? (Score 1) 210

Ok, so what can your android/iOS device do that a symbian phone cant? Browse the web? Check, with multiple browsers. Run custom apps(perl/python and so on)? Check. Maps and GPS? Check. SSH? Check. Awesome camera? Check. Receive mail? Check. Run 3D games. Check. Videocalls? Check. Well the list could go on. The run of the mill E or N series nokia phone has had the stuff android and ios phones are getting now for ages. However, the phones have still felt like phones. And that may be the thing that has backlashed on them. That and it being a major pain in the ass to code in C++ for them. But hopefully with the new QT-stuff it should be alot easier. I'd say the UI part in android/iOS made the phones feel smarter. But feature wise, they are first now, comming up to the same level. Well none of them have DVB-receivers and fairly few of them have tv-out. But presentation is what the symbian guys really need to work on. Anyway, I need more beer.

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