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Comment Carbon monoxide poisoning (Score 1) 695

Every year, people accidentally kill themselves with home generators. If you're going to use one, do not bring it indoors. Do not run it in the garage, even with the garage door open. I had mine outside and was still getting CO inside from it - turns out the generator must be a minimum of 10 feet away from the house, with the exhaust port pointed away. The next thing is, don't plug the generator wiring into your home electrical wiring. This will put juice back into the electric company's wires, and can electrocute the poor guy trying to repair the wires to your house. So, to use a generator, use extension cords with it. Make sure they are heavy duty ones, a lamp cord will fry. Let me emphasize heavy duty. At least 12 guage. Pay attention to how much amperage you're trying to draw through the cord and make sure it is heavy enough. You can hook it up to your home wiring system using a device called a "gentrans", which will isolate the generator from the power grid. You'll need a decent electrician to install one, but if your power goes out a lot, it's worth it.

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