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Comment Re:Good but... (Score 1) 129

But will it run on your toaster? Geez, it's a DESKTOP for God's sake. What would you expect to boot in command line and have 64MB? Go somewhere else! Actually instead of repacking packages like most other distros, these people took the matter into their own hand and started to build something closer to a real usable desktop more than Ubuntu will, probably, ever be. Or other lame distros. I really appreciate it and glad that Mint exists.

Comment Re:After 5 years' Linux usage, I'm switching to Ma (Score 1) 378

This thing is just too infuriatingly dumbed down

That's so cliché that I really wonder if you really got your hands on a Mac aside from a shop demo. Also, I am trying to imagine what kind of "power user" are you, 'cause usually power users are command line freaks. While programmers that I know usually use vim or some kind of IDE like Eclipse/Netbeans.

FYI, I moved to Mac a month ago and I'm very happy. Laptop was from the company so I switched first thing on monday, being back on track after a couple of days.

I use the Mac both home and at work place and IT FUCKING WORKS. I was sick of my Dell that I have to carefully shutdown because it NEVER WAKES FROM HIBERNATION. Did I mention that ATI drivers overheat and wireless are major PITA to set-up and works only g? Then came the freaking Gnome ... and that was the last draw. It was the last nail in the coffin.

On desktop Linux and Gnome 2 was a VERY DECENT workstation. Used it for several years. On laptop SUCKS BIG TIME. Anyway, it's free and I am still using CentOS on our servers, cannot complain in that department.

Comment Re:If it is not broke, don't fix it (Score 1) 405

Actually this is very funny. The only people interested for upgrade to Windows 7 would be gamers to enable DX 11 or whatever support. What extra functionality brings W7 as OS to the business? Windows XP OS is reliable and with a HDD image backup tool one installation could last forever! The tools are the problem, commercial tools!

Sounds to me like Adobe is not too deep in shit already with their Flash. They ask for more!

Photoshop, like Word and Excel are the best tools for the jobs. They cover 90% of common needs. The problem I don't use Gimp is because it sucks at doing common tasks easy, like: crop, all select tools, paint tools, layer handling etc. which are fantastic in Photoshop. OpenOffice sucks as well comparing to Word for common task such as page layout etc. which is intuitive in Office 2003 for example ('cause people are use to it).

I wonder how long it would take until someone builds an open source clone of Photoshop or Word which does the 90% of what most people use.

Comment Re:Heaven Help Us (Score 2) 370

Who the fuck cares whose fault is? Does it MATTER when our race will be extinct?
How about investing money and knowledge to try to fix this problem? It's really incredible that people after thousands of years cannot find:
  • A political system that really works
  • A way to ally themselves to explore space and improve technology. I just imagine how far would have gotten if all the money spent on Iraq/Afghanistan wars would have been invested on research like space exploration

Comment Re:Not so (Score 2) 933

Actually I think Gnome 3 and unity was a big blow in the head. I felt that on my skin when I tried to update to Fedora 17 from 15.

For desktop, I personally update the distro once every few years. Otherwise you get into mess if you want newer packages. It worked fine for the last 4 years. But at current state of Gnome, LXDE, XFCE, KDE, this is no longer possible. Updating Fedora to 17 meant to stuck to Gnome 3 which doesn't have the basic features of Gnome 2. And frankly I won't accept XFCE/LXDE as alternatives. As default configuration, look and feel, they are FAR BEYOND even Windows XP.

Should I also mention problems with ATI display, Broadcom wireless drivers and hibernation issues I'm sick of?

I don't know about Mac too much, some colleagues have and they seem happy, but I'm seriously thinking to switch.

Still, very happy user of CentOS on servers, thank you.

Comment Re:Avoid Unity (Score 1) 448

At work, I am using Fedora on desktop for years. I do software development. No fancy stuff. LibreOffice and a Windows VM for testing IE stuff is sufficient.
Back at home, it's another thing. I share laptop with my wife, I tried Linux and the feedback was always negative. It's incredible how Linux on laptop sucks, from harware issues to usability issues, even for basic things like closing the lid and freezing when opening again. Issues i had:
  1. Mounting permissions for USB drives
  2. Play issues with video and sound formats
  3. Wireless issues (Broadcom BCMXXXX)
  4. ATI video driver
  5. Sleep/Hibernate freeze
  6. Missing crucial software like Photoshop/MS Office

From time-to time, I check out a new distro and always get back to Windows, I just cannot make all things work. Tried Mandriva, OpenSUSE, Fedora, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian and FreeBSD.

I would recommend to a beginner to set-up Virtual Box and try a virtual machine approach first. That should solve some drivers issues and get the picture without re-installing everything.

Comment Re:Obligatory "Matrix" reference... (Score 1) 95

I find out this spam to be fascinating ... I can only suspect that since CowboyNeal left the joint either:
a) the system run itself and the dirty devil forgot to implement a self-learning mechanism.
b) He the code in such a spaghetti state that it's impossible for anyone else to modify.
Eitherway, I think he is to blame :)

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