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Comment Flocculation (Score 3, Informative) 285

Yeast already has a natural ability to flocculate, differing by strain. All they did is use artificial selection to produce a new strain of yeast with higher flocculation. The article mentions that yeast evolved from a multicellular life form and that the next experiment will use single celled organisms which did not evolve this way. I suspect it will take much longer than 60 days to see any results.

Comment Re:I have lots of questions (Score 2) 55

Making a sphere out of this should be no different than making any type of black colored sphere. The light is converted to heat and the sphere warms up. If the heat is allowed to slowly escape, then equilibrium is reached. Otherwise, the sphere melts and potentially destroys its heat absorbing properties. Or the liquid sphere radiates heat away. In a black hole, heat cannot escape at all.

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