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Comment Re:Ars Technica System Guide (Score 1) 296

Heh - without having read the Ars guide, I recently built a system including either the recommended parts or a mentioned alternative from their Budget Box spec. The parts I got came to $1080 Australian, which is ~$850 USD. Not bad at all.

Submission + - Australia to get $43bn fibre-to-home network (

KrispyConroy writes: "The Australian Government has announced a $43 billion fibre-to-the-home network that will provide 100Mbit/s Ethernet to 90% of premises in the country. It will be one of the largest FTTH rollouts in the world because of Australia's vast geographic size. Despite many private companies bidding to build smaller-scale fibre networks, the Australian government decided to go it alone, because it didn't believe any of them could actually stump up the cash in the global financial crisis. The network will be supplemented by a wireless (probably WiMax) and satellite network to reach the remaining 10% of far-flung premises."

Comment Metric (Score 1) 505

An ice bridge linking a shelf of ice the size of Jamaica to two islands in Antarctica has snapped.

Having trouble visualising... Seriously guys, we've already established Libraries of Congress as the arbitrary measure of choice, why introduce the size of Jamaica now?

Comment Re:Hope (Score 1) 449

Apple has been so disappointing as they have repeated Sony's mistake about obsessively locking down their products. The iPod on its own is a great product. The software support for it is horrible and Apple has made it incredibly difficult to use anything but iTunes to manipulate the music stored on MY FREAKIN DEVICE. iTunes does not offer the features and abilities I want and I have always found it to be unstable on every system I have put it on.

Have you used iTunes? Have you used Sonic Stage? I have used both, and in comparison with Sonic Stage's depths of hell, iTunes is blissful heaven filled with nubile servants.

However, my opinion is but an anecdotal contradiction to your anecdotal evidence. Meh.

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