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Comment Re:NEWS FLASH (Score 1) 196

... RNA misspellings originally discovered in the white blood cells were also in the skin cells. And the misspellings aren’t just rare, random mistakes. “When DNA and RNA differ from each other it happens in nearly every RNA” copy, Li says.

This supports what canajin56 was saying.

Comment Re:More like a flaw in statistics (Score 1) 437

Yes, that's the right thing to do. As I said the first time, "Ambulances in the US will take you to the nearest hospital with appropriate facilities for your condition." Since the hospital that was a bit further was a facility more appropriate for your grandmother's condition, it was right to take her there.

Comment Re:Sorry, no. (Score 1) 135

Did you read the rest of my post (the part that you didn't quote) where I addressed the actions that they should take, instead of just turning off autoreply?

Your tone seems to be that of disagreement, but your words recapitulate what I already said.

Comment Re:tl, dr (Score 5, Interesting) 135

Regardless of the information density of his post, I disagree with his assertion that Hotmail should flip the 'autoreply' bit on these accounts. I do not think Hotmail wants to get involved in guessing whether or not someone intended to set any particular auto-reply message: "Surely, Mr. Jones, you didn't intend to drop an F-bomb in your auto-reply."

More to the point, these are hacked accounts. If you were going to take any action, *disabling* (even temporarily) the accounts and flagging them for forensic follow-up would strike me as more appropriate.

Comment Re:Let's not leap to conclusions. (Score 1) 1079

Someone sufficiently motivated can fight through the effects of OC, particularly if they have experienced it before and know how it affects them. Second, some people have no appreciable reaction to it.

I know I do - I've taken blasts to the face multiple times, and I can still draw and deliver reasonably accurate fire afterwards. It hurts like hell, but if you have the willpower, its completely doable. There is a difference between pain and impairment. The worst impairment is loss of visual acuity.

Comment Re:AM I reading the subtext right? (Score 1) 137

That sounds fine at first glance, but remember that Apple is the one who eagerly states they are ready to fight for their patents.

Si modifying a bit your scenario, the method of turning lead into gold is actually quite straightforward and obvious, with Nokia also arriving at it. But then the small company starts to bark; this Nokia sees as an entity not willing to "Reasonable and Nondiscriminatory" relations (remember any relations involves two entities, works both ways...)

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