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Comment Re:Let's not leap to conclusions. (Score 1) 1079

Someone sufficiently motivated can fight through the effects of OC, particularly if they have experienced it before and know how it affects them. Second, some people have no appreciable reaction to it.

I know I do - I've taken blasts to the face multiple times, and I can still draw and deliver reasonably accurate fire afterwards. It hurts like hell, but if you have the willpower, its completely doable. There is a difference between pain and impairment. The worst impairment is loss of visual acuity.

Comment Re:AM I reading the subtext right? (Score 1) 137

That sounds fine at first glance, but remember that Apple is the one who eagerly states they are ready to fight for their patents.

Si modifying a bit your scenario, the method of turning lead into gold is actually quite straightforward and obvious, with Nokia also arriving at it. But then the small company starts to bark; this Nokia sees as an entity not willing to "Reasonable and Nondiscriminatory" relations (remember any relations involves two entities, works both ways...)

Comment Re:extremes (Score 1) 320

(Assuming this is a sincere question; otherwise, I missed the joke.)

Squamous cell esophageal cancer is associated with the consumption of hot beverages. The evidence strongly suggests that the consumption of hot beverages is a causal factor in the development of squamous cell esophageal cancer. (Note that this is not adenocarcinoma, which is more prevalent in the US.) Nevertheless, taken to its extreme, the mantra "correlation is not causation" would cause one to refuse to acknowledge hot water as being causal for squamous esophageal cancer and, instead, continue seeking alternate explanations. Although I cannot read his mind, I am inferring that PylonHead is arguing for a balance between "correlation is not causation" and "after enough evidence and careful study, this correlation is actually due to causation."

Comment Re:the rationale involved has already been explain (Score 5, Insightful) 164

In my opinion, the executive summary is that Craig Newmark values his notion of small, local communities more highly than he values money. I mean it in as cool and non-bleeding-heart a manner as possible.

He has the ability to direct the flow of visitors to his site to make money, or he has the ability to encourage what he sees as small, local communities basically unconnected to one another. He uses his site for the latter, and consequently forgoes substantial amounts of income. Sites that aggregate content or otherwise amalgamate the disconnected communities run afoul of his personal and, perhaps, business preferences.

Comment Re:Saving Money...yeah. (Score 1) 697

Apologies, since this is extremely extremely offtopic and I deserve to be downmodded for it... ... but I noticed in another thread you said you had a laptop with an i7 920. I am trying to decide whether to buy a laptop with an i7 920 (720, actually) or a high-end Core2Duo like T9600. The key for me will be battery life.

If you're feeling really generous, can you give me some basic specs on your i7 machine and offer a sense of what the battery life has been like while web surfing, etc? I have read many reviews, but none that I trust so much as another Slashdot user (sounds ridiculous, I know, but I'm not a manufacturer paying you for this review). I would be very grateful!

Comment Re:Damned sure glad... (Score 1) 176

I didn't say, "This won't happen because we passed GINA." Instead, I pointed out that there is legislation that intends to deal with this problem. That is, I stated that the legislation was passed to address this problem, not that I felt that the legislation would 100% effective, which would be a different point entirely.

Certainly, I share your concern that insurance companies will always attempt to find loopholes so long as there is a profit motive to do so.

Comment Re:Not sequencing (Score 4, Informative) 176

Anonymous coward is correct. This is genotyping, which is orders of magnitude less resource-intensive than gene sequencing.

Genotyping | sequencing || driving down the highway | Lewis and Clark's journey

Sequencing is pathfinding (they are not doing this). Genotyping is exploring the path that you already know is there (this is what they are doing). On the sequencing front, there is currently a 1000 genomes project - a massive collaboration of worldwide importance due to its difficulty and expense. On the other hand, genotyping 100,000 people is done all the time (heart attack GWAS, etc). The two concepts are enormously different.

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