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Comment Re:Verizon phone upgrade. (Score 1) 318

This is 2013. I'm not physically going to a store to buy a phone they won't have in stock anyway. I just bought it directly from Apple, for some reason there's no additional fee when I do it that way. Though I noticed that Apple will only give me $175 credit for my 4S, while Verizon said they'd give me $200, so maybe that's where the additional $30 came from. Not that it matters because I'll ebay it anyway.

Comment Re: Maybe there is hope (Score 1) 745

Most of the immigration in the US is from Latin America, and consists of dirt-poor people looking for a place better than where they are now. The US is conveniently located (they can't walk to Europe), and is generally better than the shitholes they come from, so this is where they go. That doesn't mean it's a great place, just not at the very bottom.

Also, many immigrants have no idea what it's like here. If a post-doc student from Europe (someone with access to information) was shocked by the crappy conditions here, it should be obvious that a bunch of dirt-poor rural Latin Americans would have no clue other than what orally-spread rumors have told them.

Comment Re: Maybe there is hope (Score 1) 745

The OP was doing a post-doctorate. Chances are, he's in some kind of career where all the jobs are in or near large cities. Small rural towns are generally safe, as long as you're not gay (or black or some other minority, depending on the region the town is in), because there's no one there: they've all moved out for jobs in the cities. If you stay in a small rural town, it's because you're retired and on a pension or social security, or you live in a trailer and work at the local feed store.

Wireless Networking

Mountain View To Partially Replace Google Wi-Fi 69

itwbennett writes "Google launched the citywide Wi-Fi network with much fanfare in 2006 as a way for Mountain View residents and businesses to connect to the Internet at no cost. It covers most of the Silicon Valley city and worked well until last year, as Slashdot readers may recall, when connectivity got rapidly worse. As a result, Mountain View is installing new Wi-Fi hotspots in parts of the city to supplement the poorly performing network operated by Google. Both the city and Google have blamed the problems on the design of the network. Google, which is involved in several projects to provide Internet access in various parts of the world, said in a statement that it is 'actively in discussions with the Mountain View city staff to review several options for the future of the network.'"

Comment Re: Maybe there is hope (Score 1) 745

He said northeast, which probably means someplace like NYC or Boston. I live in the NYC area, and despite it being America's financial capital and a giant tourist destination, it's chock-full of hobos just like the OP said, and the streets aren't safe in the daytime, let alone nighttime, since highly-paid tech company executives are being attacked in the streets by biker gangs and the authorities do little about it; in fact, said biker gang had a couple of off-duty NYPD cops in it who helped attack the guy! This nation is a cesspool, and the northeast isn't really one of the good parts; it's better than the southeast and southwest in most ways, but that's not saying much. I'm hoping to move to the northwest (Portland or Seattle) before too long.

Comment Re:Students are Hard on Hardware (Score 2) 177

It's not just kids. I used to work on mobile software for guys doing various kinds of outdoor field work. I told clients to figure on replacing their PDAs at least every two years. I'd reckon about 20% broke outright each year, and at the end of two years even the ones that weren't actually broken were falling apart from heavy use. These were well-made PDAs in rugged cases that guys could carry in their pockets. I shudder to think what they're doing these days with iPads.

When you're thinking about adopting any kind of gizmo that's supposed to be used all day long, you have to look at that gizmo as disposable. Stuff happens to things you carry around all the time. I have a light touch with equipment, so my stuff tends to last longer than most people's; but even I once broke a Newton screen, back in the early days. There was a guy in my office who destroyed one laptop per year, like clockwork.

I used to tell my clients that equipment was made to be used and thrown away. The important thing is preserving data. If a device is so expensive you've got to count on people mollycoddling it, it's not ready for field use.

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