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Comment Re:Blatant conjecture (Score 4, Interesting) 79

Since there are no animals that live forever, you have to assume that extending life is a totally new feature... not a bugfix.

Really? http://www.cracked.com/article_20055_6-unassuming-animals-that-are-secretly-immortal.html

Hey! Cracked is at least as reliable as CNN, fox, or MSNBC, and lately it is more unbiased.

Comment Re:Why Crowdfunding ? (Score 1) 104

Why crowdfunding? Shuttleworth should just cancel his next trip to mars to raise the funds.

The point of this exercise was to show hardware makers that there is a crowd out there willing to pay lots of money for a non-Android/non-iOS/non-Windows OS, so they will get onboard and start offering Ubuntu Phone.

Not just the hardware makers... This also shows the potential buyers that there is a sustainable market, so it might be around more than a few weeks, unlike the HP Tablet, and a few really cool phones.

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