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Comment Re:"can be wrong, profoundly wrong" (Score 1) 326

And then you will moan about managers and CEOs just getting jobs through their networking skills.

I have only ever once gone for a job where I knew the person from a previous job, and it didn't help at all.

If you employ people through an old boys' network, you're going to end up with a company full of old boys.

I am too busy working to moan about anything. I have fixed enough messed up networks that I have a lot of people who think of me when the network goes sideways...

As to the "old boys" comment, don't knock the old guys. We are usually the ones called in to fix the young guys not planning ahead...

Comment Re:Mosquitos (Score 0) 328

i think what you are implying requires answering another question: would a glowing mosquito be attractive or unattractive to a mosquito of the opposite sex. it is the 'attractiveness' of a trait that determines whether or not it is predominate in a species. attractiveness has little to do with survival fitness.

You do have a point. The Kardashians are proof of that... And Idiocrasy, for that matter.

Comment Re:"can be wrong, profoundly wrong" (Score 2) 326

These days, when I hire a software developer he's usually someone I've known for several years already, or recommended to me by someone else I've known for a long time.

On the other side of this, I have not had a job that I did not get through a friend or colleague in over 10 years. I have not seen the inside of an HR office in longer than that. If it is a hiring requirement, that is a good clue as to how the company works.

Comment Re:Google karma down (Score 2) 331

I don't know about you, but I'm despising Google more and more with every passing day. I think they are going to be right there with Microsoft if they continue down this path.

Yeah... And now that I think of it, this IRS thing might not be that good an idea either...

I think you may be a little late to this party.

Comment Re:Linux Workaround (Score 2) 312

Regarding the first part: since when you have to seed for a day, or since when we have space problems with hard disks? Maybe if you got a netbook, tablet or notebook with 64GB SSD or something like that. IMHO if you can stream a video with HD quality you can download a video as fast from The Pirate Bay.

Since download and upload are asymmetrical, you need to seed much longer than you download if you want a decent ratio. As for space... All hard drive eventually fill.

Comment Re:you cant take something away (Score 1) 312

the majority of linux/unix users have never had. netflix has never warmed up to GNU, and thats just fine for me. ill hit TPB, download the latest excretion from hollywood, judge it based on its merits and if i like it, ill buy the blu-ray version. if i dont like it, 'rm' works nicely and if its a star-wars prequil, 'unlink' and a half pound of thermite has so far proven slightly effective.

But I had Prime Streaming, and now I don't... I never had NetFlix... Between the active Linux blocking, and the stupid pop-up ads, I was never much inclined to use them.

Comment Re:Retro-active (Score 5, Insightful) 312

The problem is that, according to the story's poster, the change not only affect new pilots, but also all the old previously bought and previously accessible content. Suddenly, all the part services which you did like and for which you gave money, stops working too.

That is something I still do not understand. How is it that making an unauthorized copy of something without payment is theft, but depriving me of paid for content is not?

Comment Re:Linux Workaround (Score 5, Insightful) 312

But I don't want to. I Liked Amazon prime free streams. I Liked being able to stream "right now" and not have to wait an hour, and seed for a day or so... I Liked not having to see if I had space for the entire season while the seeding was good.

Most of all, I Liked telling fellow Linux users bitching about Netflix, "Just Use Amazon Prime, because they work with Linux." Glad I didn't "buy" anything and actually expect to have access to it later. When will they realize that the reluctance to streaming distribution is that We do not trust you to let us keep using the stuff we have paid for!

Comment Re:Sure, go ahead. (Score 1) 242

And I thought a good definition of "mutually exclusive" was "having no points in common with one another."

"Mutually exclusive" means at most one of them can be true at the same time. For example "the temperature is 30 degrees Celsius" and "it snows" are mutually exclusive, as there's no way that it snows at 30 degrees Celsius. OTOH "the sun is shining" and "the train is delayed" have no points in common, but they are not mutually exclusive because the train may well be delayed while the sun is shining.

Ahhh..... And I thought you were on "mutually exclusive." Perhaps you should go back and look at "can be" in the OP. As in "The reason and the excuse can be mutually exclusive.

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