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Comment Re:Not all good (Score 1) 328

This begs the question: If a drug has no pain for indulgence, and you can turn off the effect almost immediately with a counter-acting dose... Does it matter if you're addicted to it? Do we have a problem with people using drugs of their own free will if those drugs have no negative impact on their lives?

It is that last line that is the problem... Addiction does have a negative impact. That is the defining characteristic. Some examples here...

Comment Re:How long before (Score 2) 107

'..And in the meantime, the criminals will just leave their electronic devices at home. - at least the smart ones. The terrorists will have none..'

already being found in a public place without a mobile phone is regarded as suspicious behaviour in certain quarters..

But a dead battery is perfectly normal...

Comment Re:changing it is a good idea regardless (Score 4, Funny) 107

No doubt there is a provision buried in Law somewhere that says that any attempt to subvert the surveillance system, obscure your identity, or obscure your location, shall constitution obstruction of police powers and land you in jail.

When it is criminal to use airplane mode, only criminals will have airplane mode.

Comment Re:Most likely on the rise? (Score 1, Insightful) 274

I guess that's what passes for scientific evidence these days in this era of environmental activism masquerading as science: "Eh, probably, maybe..."

So, in your universe, science is something that always gives 100% certain answers?

So in your world, gravity works, "mostly sometimes" but not 100%?

Comment Re: people better than computers... (Score 1) 449

What I do know is that Google's Sat Nav sometimes tells me to drive off the side of a bridge onto the highway that runs underneath it. All the other Sat Navs I've tested such as Tom Tom and Garmin have the same problem.

Which is why so many of the people surveyed said they would watch scenery go by... Screaming all the way.

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