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Comment Re:3D capable models (Score 1) 207

The problem is bandwidth. How do you get all that data down the wire? The original Korean high def 2550s used Dual DVI, essentially 2 cables. This worked, but was poorly supported. The Seiki 4k is HDMI 1.4, so it is stuck at 30hz. To get 60hz, you need HDMI 2.0, and that is far from common right now. Then you start looking at bus speeds... 4k 120hz is a LOT of data.

Comment Re:Why not leave? (Score 5, Insightful) 304

I don't suppose they've considered locating a new service outside the US? The sad truth is that anybody who's looking to run a private service needs to look outside of the US.

It doesn't help. Just ask Kim Dotcom about Megaupload... Right now, none of the Internet is "free" and it will take some major changes to make it so.

Comment Show-stoppers not being technical problems... (Score 2) 79

It seems like most of the new and interesting things being attempted on the net these days are stopped by legislation or lawsuits from vested interests, not by any technical problem. This has bit you twice in two VASTLY different businesses. What is you opinion on this, and what can we do about it?

Comment Re:Not denying something is different from forcing (Score -1) 406

Uh, most people understand why taxes are a good thing. There are people who feel that we are being taxed too much, but there aren't many people who want to get rid of taxes. Some form of taxation is necessary for the operation of the government.

Taxes are a way of getting other to pay for services they do not use. Usage fees are ways to get users to pay for services they use. There are a few exceptions like national defense, but I think we can agree that we are WAY beyond that now.

Most people don't know the risks of DRM, a lot of people don't even know what DRM is. YOU might have been overwarned, but most people have never heard of The Right to Read, and don't understand why DRM could be problematic. As long as it doesn't get in the way, they are fine with it.

Beating people over the head will not educate them. And over the last few year we have "taught" people to click OK without reading through warning popups and 500 page EULAs. If you want to educate people tell them about Zune users.

Comment Re:Not denying something is different from forcing (Score 2, Insightful) 406

1) DRM is bad.

Yep. So are taxes, and work for many people.

2) Firefox implementing DRM is one piece of the problem.

Nope. It is a symptom of the problem. The problem is that there is lots of content that people want that is only legally available with DRM. If you want the content, the choice is support the DRM or steal it. There are merits to both paths.

3) Firefox is free to do whatever they want, but if they felt forced to implement DRM, it would have been better if they at least made an effort to warn the users about the risks. Instead they are publicly praising Adobe for their approach to DRM.

Oh, God no! We are already way too overwarned. Turing every movie into the panic over self signed certs is NOT the answer.

People who criticize RMS often don't even know what he said. That is not true of everyone, but most comments on the net are rather clueless about it. DRM is bad, that's not even controversial.

Stalman is a brilliant man who has done a lot for computing in general. (Not just open source) He is also an uncompromising ass that is very hard to work with. For those of us that live and work in the real world, this is not a path we can take. I prefer the ESR approach to picking battles that make a difference.

Comment Not denying something is different from forcing it (Score -1, Flamebait) 406

No one is forcing you to use the DRM in Firefox. They are simply allowing it as an option. Blocking something because RMS does not approve is the opposite of freedom, be it DRM, a binary driver, or whatever. If my definition of acceptable is not as valid as yours, that is a problem.

Comment Re:Probably known already (Score 1) 114

Key distribution for one time pads is a nightmare. It's possible for a government to send tapes of one time pads through diplomatic baggage to their embassies in advance. But it's completely useless for anyone else.

Yeah... Mailing a flash drive is beyond the abilities of most people.

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