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Comment Re:Because SQL is basically dead (Score 1) 241

No, but a multi channel SSD Raid would.. expensive yes... but certainly possible. then where is your bottleneck.

Next would be I/O to the graphics card, as mentioned in the article. But in general, the bus is the next bottleneck.

However on a server where you pay by CPU having a non-CPU extension makes a lot of sense. This would be why propriety systems have GPU extensions and open source systems do not.

in short - if you need CPU in open source get get another CPU - it's cheap. If you need CPU in a closed source application you get a GPU - it doesn't work as well as a CPU but it adds performance and it doesn't incur more licensing fees.

Are you actually using crappy licensing as a reason to use alternative hardware? And when the license is open and they only restriction is technical you can use a cheaper solution, and that is a bad thing?

Comment Re:"Them"? (Score 1) 241

so what's holding them back?

Wrong question. It is open source. If you need it, you fix it.

No, it is the right question. And the answer is, the people that actually understand these things work also know this will not help anything in real world applications. They are also busy optimizing for additional cheap ram, and the new and fast SSD cards that are almost affordable.

Comment Re:Research Topic: Why I don't have to dress for w (Score 2) 75

My question is: How does such seemingly-ridiculous research get approved for funding? Can we not spend that money on greater good?

For the same reason we have "zero tolerance policies" in schools... We do not trust the people making decisions to make them well. So we set up an arbitrary set of standards that can be gamed, and remove the capability of intervention from the people we do not trust, but decide to give the job anyway...

Comment Re:Boohoo (Score 5, Insightful) 439

So when Boeing and it's suppliers lay thousands of people off, those unemployment benefits came from magic pixie faeries? And the money they no longer spend with your business has no effect on you? Just look to Michigan to see what happens in a state when major factories close. (Or Trenton, for that matter.)

Comment Re:Boohoo (Score 1) 439

I don't think you understand. There are two groups of people. Those who pay. And those who don't. And those who don't aren't about to start.


Occasionally, the people in the later group get dragged in mass to the former. The French Revolution is one example. The thing about "the masses" is that we outnumber everyone.

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