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Comment Re:Linux needs a killer game? (Score 4, Informative) 410

Who gives a crap about it -- It is Linux Mr. whatever you are, please understand the distinction between a thing that runs on Mainframes and clusters and your Christmas toy.

Good thing you left out the comma... Since Linux runs on Mainframes and clusters, and on your Christmas phone and tablet.

Comment Re:Create a repository. (Score 1) 410

Put your games in it.

Give people f2p models or shareware models.

Let them purchase through web/ingame codes to unlock the full games.

Linux people will download the F2p versions by just tossing your repository in their package/software management apps a long with their other favorite repos.

Like Steam for Linux?

Or even better roll out a distro with your game thats a clone of Fedora or Debian + the above with your own binary repo.

Like the Steam Box OS?

Comment Re:Clarification: (Score 1) 410

That's true. Although, I think it'll cause sales of the Steam Machine console, not necessarily Linux in general.

Why? You can dual boot your Windows or MAC box and get the Linux version right now. That gives more uptake on the Linux side, and convinces other publishers to release for Linux / Steam Box.

Comment Re:Overall right but unlikely to happen (Score 4, Interesting) 410

>Will there ever be a Linux exclusive game?

The best candidate on the horizon is Half-Life 3 running on Valve's upcoming SteamOS linux distro. Would Steam take that chance to push it's own gaming platform?

Just delaying the Windows and MAC ports will do it. After all, they can also dual boot Linux, and this promotes the Steam Box as well.

Comment Re:Overall right but unlikely to happen (Score 5, Insightful) 410

It does not have to be exclusive... Just exclusive today. For example, a Valve Steam Box title. That means Linux... And have the Windows and MAC versions lag just a bit for marketing reasons. (Seeing as how both Windows and MAC users can dual boot Linux, not really much of an issue...)

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