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Comment Re:For some yes, for some no ... (Score 1) 348

Other than The Pirate Bay...

You have to go online to get to Pirate Bay, before you even have the game ;p

How about we return to playing outside or something?

I can't. Since all the new laptops have shinny screens instead of matt, there is no was to see the damn thing in the sun!

Comment Re:None use intel or amd for graphics? (Score 1) 187

We are calm, this is just a giant fuck-you to the people who want open drivers for good reasons. I get that there are all sorts of stupid (and Microsoft-driven apparently) contractual reasons why NVidia won't find it easy to open-source their drivers. This doesn't mean I can't be fucking disappointed about Valve choosing short-term thinking over long-term.

Actually they chose performance over purity. And I agree, since I made the same choice. nVidia drivers are more stable than AMD, and the card perform better on Linux.

Besides, their business is selling closed source software. Not a big surprise that it does not offend them the way it does you...

Comment Re:None use intel or amd for graphics? (Score 3, Informative) 187

I wouldn't consider drivers a serious issue. If Valve goes to AMD/ATI and says 'We'll buy a hundred thousand chips for the first production run, with potential sales of fifteen million to follow' I'm sure improved driver support would quickly follow.

Actually, nVidia has been actively working with them for over a year now fixing some significant driver bugs. And they haven't bought anything yet.

Comment Re:None use intel or amd for graphics? (Score 4, Informative) 187

Nvidia hardware isn't really clearly superior to AMD.. they rotate on who has the best hardware at various price points.

But sure, the point is that this hardware should do a specific job for gamers at a specific price point, if Nvidia GPU's are the best bet for that in this product price segment there's no reason to be an ideological crusader about it. The point is to be able to play games, not make the average couch potato start writing driver code on his TV.

Not on Linux. nVidia consistently outperforms AMD, and is significantly more stable. And they have been actively working with Valve for quite some time to fix some show-stopping driver bugs.

Comment Re:For some yes, for some no ... (Score 1) 348

So, an offline mode presumes I'm ever going to give it an on-line mode, which I'm not.

Take disc out of cellophane, put in console, play disc. No network. Ever. Need for a network connection at any time in the life of the console is a deal breaker for me.

You know, old school.

But the real old school requires an accoustic coupler, or at least a serial cable! You know... Pre Apple... :)

I do get your point, but it looks like soon none of the platforms will support that. Other than The Pirate Bay...

Comment Re:Trollolol no (Score 1) 348

"The PS3 is basically a purpose built PC" That runs on a radicaly different cpu/gpu architechture compared to x86.

Well, seeing as how all of the major operating systems (Other than apple) run on multiple cpu archtectures now, what is your point? The PS3 can still run Linux, just not dual boot.

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