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Comment Re:Welcome to the rest of the world (Score 4, Insightful) 312

If you bought a copy, found iout ater it had huge problems and a pirate copy is the only way to get a usable product, then go for it. You bought it and can do what you want. But that's totally different than pirating it from the get go simply because it has DRM and you don't like that.

And after doing this a few times, wouldn't a reasonable and intelegent person just skip the first step that they knew would only cause frustration?

Comment Re:Welcome to the rest of the world (Score 5, Interesting) 312

You totally missed every little bit of my point. (And no, it has nothing to do with you not understand terms like theft vs infringement.)

The entire fucking point of DRM is to prevent piracy. It prevented it not at all. The pirated copy is out before the legal copy for much of the world. However, it did massively inconvenience many paying customers. People pirate for lots of reasons; It is free, it is not supporting "the man," it is "l337!" But there is one other big reason now; The pirated version is a superior product! I know lots of people who buy a game, has trouble installing, and then get the pirated version so they can play. It doesn't take much of that before they just skip the painful step of bothering with the legal copy...

Comment Re:Applies to all events? (Score 1) 194

It depends on the alternate viewpoints? Some topics don't have much in the way of alternate viewpoints. There isn't "common" ground on a lot of topics it either is or it is not.

Climate change... Everyone agrees that it is science. Everyeone agrees that it is obvious. Of course WHAT is obvious depends on which camp you are in, and you only see news that supports that camp.

Comment Re:Applies to all events? (Score 1) 194

This begs the question of why someone would want to get alternative viewpoints. Most people don't want to be regularly exposed to ideas, beliefs, culture, etc., that conflicts with their own. It creates anxiety, anger, and/or dissociation.

This is the point. You never hear the news that you do not want to hear. You never hear about how bad high fructose corn syrup is because you do not know people who know how bad high fructose corn syrup is. You never hear about the Obama encroachments on civil rights because... Or you never hear about republican assults on women because...

Comment Re:This time, the U.S.A. is screwed for good (Score 1) 361

Why should anybody go to the U.S., the land of unfreedom that will detain you without due process indefinitely, grope you at airports, shoot at sight, has no democratic control and is rules by secret cabals without accountability?

As much as I hate it, this should be modded +5 Insightfull.

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