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Comment Re:Ah! The life of a billionaire. (Score 1) 119

Now if he adds, "Oh, btw! While looking for these rockets, I'm banging a super model and a porn star at the same time in my disposable Ferraris!", I'm going to go and kill myself.

Why kill yourself now? Wait for the video to be "leaked" first to see if it was worth it... "One night in Paris..." I think I will pass.

Comment Re:Human Nature (Score 3, Insightful) 431

The obvious takeaway everyone is missing is that this is a nice list of things you can do to increase fuel efficiency, in some cases by up to 25% to 50%! I mean really... Is over-inflating the tires (by the car spec, not the tire safety rating) and taping over infrequently used body gaps all that hard? I even know racers that had body color match vinyl tape for just this purpose... Some hyper-milers even disconnect the alternator and change the battery at home...

Comment Re:Does your router support captive portal? (Score 1) 884

The problems are manifold.

You say they used a dish for satellite communication, no idea which frequency that is but definitely way higher than 27 MHz or most other amateur bands.

A dish is only a reflector, and the antenna can be changed. It is the antenna that is tuned to the frequency. This is why a USB WiFi dongle in the floating centre of a wok actually makes a good antenna. A wok is absolutely not tuned to 2.4 ghz... :) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WokFi

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