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Comment Re:remember when Walmart was all "Buy American!" ? (Score 1) 289

But soon after that, there is a bounce. Now WalMart is the last place you shop when you do not care about quality. A one time use option. And people prefer "anything but WalMart" for stuff they want to keep. So who has higher margins on a pan, WalMart where people shop only on price, or Sur La Table where people are willing to pay for quality. (Which, amusingly enough, costs less when you factor in replacement costs.)

Comment Re: Bitcoin stopped being distributed a long time (Score 1) 281

So the cabal of moneyed elites with their mining super rigs who currently dominate the network, will be pushed out by black hats. I'm sure the future of bitcoin is in good hands.

If the DDOS people are attacking because the mining group is gaming the system, who really has the black hat?

Comment Re:So there's 100 or so unimmunized? (Score 3, Insightful) 387

I know it's very fashionable to have allergies these days but a tummy ache is not anaphylaxis. Try taking it with food next time.

Anaphylaxis is not the only allergic reaction. Not even the only life threatening one. And NVD (Nausa, vomiting, diarrhea) during a respiratory illness is very deadly.

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