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Comment Re:Value (Score 1) 298

Here is what Gabe said:

Piracy is almost always a service problem and not a pricing problem.

He obviously does not believe that enough to actually release the product without DRM. So either he believes his service sucks, or he doesn't believe what he said.

Forget the fact that his "service" is still better than any of the competing app stores out there. He is focused on seervice and price, and you are focused on access control. His opnion is that access control (DRM) done will is not poor service. And, as much as I hate DRM, he is doing it very well. Unlike Google Play that gives me loads of problems.

Comment Re:Value (Score 1) 298

Much as I hate DRM, Gabe has worked very hard at keeping his DRM out of the way of paying customers.

Aside from the issue of completely shitting on First Sale in a way that defeats the concept in the US and has been ruled illegal elsewhere?

Only if you look at it as a sale, rather than a service. With DRM, it is never really a sale.

Comment Re:Value (Score 1) 298

Yeah, we'll see how much Gabe believes that when he releases Half-Life 3 without DRM.........

Much as I hate DRM, Gabe has worked very hard at keeping his DRM out of the way of paying customers. He has also worked very hard at building a platform for delivering content is a very easy and trouble free way. Not very RMS friendly, but VERY customer focused, and I can respect that. (Enough, actually that I have the Linux Steam client on my machine right now.)

Comment Re:You can't avoid piracy (Score 5, Insightful) 298

I agree that you are looking at the wrong numbers. Who cares how many people are reading (pirating) it? You should only care about how many people are paying for it, and work to increase that number. One thing that comes to mind is special deals with advertisers that are keyed off the individual user name. Don't have a paid account? Don't get 15% off a widget... This could also be more advertising revenue.

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