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Comment Re:All projects need your help. (Score 1) 212

Either because a piece of functionality is no longer needed...

Needed by whome? The needs of Gnome Pannel users were not taken seriously at all. And they let people know. For example, Unity, Gnmoe Shell, and other phone type UIs seriously get in the way of how I do work with lots of different information sources at once. This is you trying to replace my pickup with a Prius when I deliver furniture for a living.

Comment Re:All projects need your help. (Score 1) 212

Even more than that is support. When you are first learning a project, it takes a lot of work... And soon you can help others with what you learned last week. Nothing gets a developers attention faster than someone else telling new users "you must foo before bar will work" for the 357th time. Not only does it help you learn the project better and faster, it also builds tremendous street cred with the people who matter...

Comment Re:All projects need your help. (Score 1) 212

This backlash was because coders know what a regression is, and UX designers do not. They also cn not graps the fact that a regression may or may not effect all users. The equivalent was when the kernel devs introduced a regression into the nvidia drivers, and told everyone to piss off about it. People bitched then too...

Comment Re:"can be wrong, profoundly wrong" (Score 1) 326

And then you will moan about managers and CEOs just getting jobs through their networking skills.

I have only ever once gone for a job where I knew the person from a previous job, and it didn't help at all.

If you employ people through an old boys' network, you're going to end up with a company full of old boys.

I am too busy working to moan about anything. I have fixed enough messed up networks that I have a lot of people who think of me when the network goes sideways...

As to the "old boys" comment, don't knock the old guys. We are usually the ones called in to fix the young guys not planning ahead...

Comment Re:Mosquitos (Score 0) 328

i think what you are implying requires answering another question: would a glowing mosquito be attractive or unattractive to a mosquito of the opposite sex. it is the 'attractiveness' of a trait that determines whether or not it is predominate in a species. attractiveness has little to do with survival fitness.

You do have a point. The Kardashians are proof of that... And Idiocrasy, for that matter.

Comment Re:"can be wrong, profoundly wrong" (Score 2) 326

These days, when I hire a software developer he's usually someone I've known for several years already, or recommended to me by someone else I've known for a long time.

On the other side of this, I have not had a job that I did not get through a friend or colleague in over 10 years. I have not seen the inside of an HR office in longer than that. If it is a hiring requirement, that is a good clue as to how the company works.

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