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Comment Re:resell working _used_ equipment? Heresy! (Score 2) 212

For stuff they can't use, we ought to keep it and recycle it expensively, rather than shipping it there and have them die young of heavy metal exposure recycling it cheaply.

I understand your sentiment, but think how it feels to be told by the first world "You can not have this stuff that you want because you can not use it responsibly." Talk about arrogance!

Comment Re:The headline is juicy, but hides a real problem (Score 3, Interesting) 212

These TVs are waste because they are not digital, the countries they are going to are probably a long way from going digital.

CRTs also hold up to the elements much better, and some places do not have 24hr AC. Or any AC. (Air conditioning, not power)

Comment Re:The headline is juicy, but hides a real problem (Score 1) 212

My current main television is about 10 years old, and I bought it used two years ago to replace another that was 14 years old and needed an expensive repair.

You are not the "norm". For the majority of consumers 2 years old is obsolete.

For the majority of consumers in the first world. If you ever traveled more than 10 miles from your house you might find that other people live differently than you do. A 10 year old TV in some communities in India is a luxury!

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