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Comment Re:LogmeIn..... (Score 0) 408

Why the hell are people ussing it? .....let's not care about security, Let's just provide a backdoor access by will, it is not that you care about privacy (that much has been clear to me about most users these days, they take something serious and analyze it with stupidity and ignorance)?

You know there is a back door on my house. I use it often. Back doors are not bad by definition. Unknown and unsecured back doors are what is bad...

Comment Re:Farewell logmein (Score 4, Interesting) 408

And I'm sure that Logmein will be crying that you left.

I use several free services and never pay for them. However, I also recommend them to clients, and often they do pay for them. I am responsible for quite a few paid no-ip subscriptions, and I personally never pay. I was responsible for a few paid dyn dns subscriptions back in the day when they were free. Now I use and recommend no-ip. See how that works?

Comment Re:How often do you get stressed (Score 1) 692

No, some want you to freak out and panic and run around like a chicken with the head cut off, just like they do. When you calmly listen, and do what is needed, and do not panic, they can either misunderstand and think you do not care, or see it as a threat as you are handling things better than them. Either way, it is a management failure that can not be fixed by you, so it is generally better to look into other opportunities at that point. Thankfully, at my level it is quite rare, but early in my working life it happened a lot more often. Generally, they do not remain manages like that for long.

Comment Re:Switched to Icinga a long time ago (Score 1) 119

Yep, it does, and I am freezing the nagios plugins package on all the monitoring servers I manage until it gets resolved. And when it does, I will be upgrading to the monitoring-plugins groups stuff. When Icinga and Nagios forked, there was a lot of "he said" "she said" crap. I guess we now know who was telling the truth.

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