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Comment Re:Switched to Icinga a long time ago (Score 1) 119

Yep, it does, and I am freezing the nagios plugins package on all the monitoring servers I manage until it gets resolved. And when it does, I will be upgrading to the monitoring-plugins groups stuff. When Icinga and Nagios forked, there was a lot of "he said" "she said" crap. I guess we now know who was telling the truth.

Comment Re:It will never work (Score 2) 59

How the hell are they going to police that?

They don't need to perfectly police it. The largest 10% of vendors sell 90% of the goods. As long as you collect from Amazon, iTunes, GooglePlay, and so on, you will get all the revenue.

The funny part is that this actually gives a competitive advantage to small stores to little to notice. Until they become big enough to be noticed...

Comment Re:too little too late? (Score 1) 198

When you buy drugs, or a girl for the night, you usually get to do what you want... not guilted at every turn and told you can't be trusted, and that instead of forking over $50 you'll be forked over for about $500,000 and a 7 year jail sentence for "piracy" because your DVD got scratched and you used a backup copy...

Something tells me that when you finally save up and buy that girl for the night, you will be very disappointed...

Comment Re:PCI Is Cheap And STUPID! (Score 4, Insightful) 250

False! It's dirt cheap, just a couple hundred dollars. You filled out an application, paid a fee, and got an enhanced port scan.

That is PCI compliance for a network, not an application. If you have an application that allows credit card swipes, and goes to a clearing house, it needs to be certified as well, and that ain't cheap.

How exactly does your shiny new(annually renewed) PCI DSS compliance accreditation protect ANYTHING? PCI compliance testing does nothing beyond proving that you at least installed a consumer grade router/firewall between your card reader, card data storage, and the internet.

It also shows that you exercised due diligence in securing your network, and prevents you from being sued for gross negligence. You don't need real security if you can show that you had some and therefore can't be sued.

Comment Re:Inside job? (Score 5, Insightful) 250

This one is my favorite. Why any retailer is running Windows on a POS PC is beyond anyone that knows how computers work. It should be illegal.

GEtting PCI compliance certification is not cheap, and you need it if you want integrated payment. So far, not a lot of open source POS systems are lining up to pay for certification...

Comment Re: What's the difference? (Score 4, Informative) 296

Steambox is not a PC.

You want to look at that again? It is EXACTLY a PC. You can actually take any PC with a decent graphics card and install the software yourself! The controller is not even required, but I would want one. It is just not Windows. And while Steam does have DRM, the OS does not, unlike Windows. Also, no artificial limitations, like my desktop that has 24gig of ram under Linux, but Windows only sees 16... Yes, I know why... Now. After I installed it.

Comment Re:What's the difference? (Score 1) 296

So all you're looking to do is meet the absolute minimum requirements and *maybe* match the performance and experience of a console, but with a PC box? What is the point of that? The only reason I would want to build a box to put the SteamOS on and attach to my home theater is if I could replicate the true PC experience on it. That means high resolution, high framerate, high graphical fidelity. I'm not going to accomplish that on $500 worth of parts.

Six months after release, you will be able to match console hardware for under $200, and double it for under $500. PC hardware keeps advancing, and consoles stay static for years. And as for resolution, these days everything is 1080p. There are a few 4k TVs out there, but a 30hz, I doubt gamers are interested. So low end still does everything your TV can show.

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