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Comment Re:Wow. (Score 0) 999

I think our government could fuck up a wet dream. The IRS forclosed on a legal brothel, and for the time they were runing it they lost money. I love America... All but this one part of it that isn't even in a state...

Comment Re:Overall right but unlikely to happen (Score 1) 410

Woosh... Let me try again.

You are are a Windows user. Half Life 3 is released for Linux first... If you want it you either 1) Install Linux 2) Buy a Steam Box 3) Wait until it comes out later on Windows. You know... Like they are waiting now for the new GTA... But if you can not wait, you have 2 options, not just one like with the new GTA.

Comment Re:Cross device integration (Score 1) 410

Yeah, but Ubuntu is not Linux, they have chosen their own road. Mir versus Wayland is a prime example of the NIH syndrome trap they have fallen into.

Linux is a kernal, and Ubuntu uses it, so yes, Ubuntu is Linux. As for Mir, they are putting that off a bit longer, thankfully. Yes, they seem to have gone a bit nuts lately. But it doesn't change the fact that they have a viable stratagy of desktop / phone / tablet that is consistant accross all platforms.

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