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Comment Re:Overall right but unlikely to happen (Score 1) 410

Woosh... Let me try again.

You are are a Windows user. Half Life 3 is released for Linux first... If you want it you either 1) Install Linux 2) Buy a Steam Box 3) Wait until it comes out later on Windows. You know... Like they are waiting now for the new GTA... But if you can not wait, you have 2 options, not just one like with the new GTA.

Comment Re:Cross device integration (Score 1) 410

Yeah, but Ubuntu is not Linux, they have chosen their own road. Mir versus Wayland is a prime example of the NIH syndrome trap they have fallen into.

Linux is a kernal, and Ubuntu uses it, so yes, Ubuntu is Linux. As for Mir, they are putting that off a bit longer, thankfully. Yes, they seem to have gone a bit nuts lately. But it doesn't change the fact that they have a viable stratagy of desktop / phone / tablet that is consistant accross all platforms.

Comment Re:Linux needs a killer game? (Score 4, Informative) 410

Who gives a crap about it -- It is Linux Mr. whatever you are, please understand the distinction between a thing that runs on Mainframes and clusters and your Christmas toy.

Good thing you left out the comma... Since Linux runs on Mainframes and clusters, and on your Christmas phone and tablet.

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