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Comment Re:How monetize "whois"... (Score 1) 155

Have you tried searching for a WHOIS record lately? Well over 90% of the records I have searched for in the past 2-3 years have been intentionally obfuscated by various systems as it is. This only accelerates their profits. This is, of course, the only thing the guys at ICANN have been interested in for some time (remember the auctions for gTLDs?).

Actually, yes. And for finding out who owns an IP block it is still surprisingly complete. I will sure miss being able to find complete netblocks to blackhole in the firewall.

Comment Re:not having read TFA (Score 1) 155

Here's your answer:

"Requestors" – people who want to query the data maintained by ARDS – would have to apply for the right to access domain information.

Basically, they'd be extracting a licensing fee from the current people you go to for WHOIS lookups. Arguably this could be called "killing" WHOIS since it means taking away its... free spirit.

But how does my CLI pay the fee?

Comment Re:All projects need your help. (Score 1) 212

Either because a piece of functionality is no longer needed...

Needed by whome? The needs of Gnome Pannel users were not taken seriously at all. And they let people know. For example, Unity, Gnmoe Shell, and other phone type UIs seriously get in the way of how I do work with lots of different information sources at once. This is you trying to replace my pickup with a Prius when I deliver furniture for a living.

Comment Re:All projects need your help. (Score 1) 212

Even more than that is support. When you are first learning a project, it takes a lot of work... And soon you can help others with what you learned last week. Nothing gets a developers attention faster than someone else telling new users "you must foo before bar will work" for the 357th time. Not only does it help you learn the project better and faster, it also builds tremendous street cred with the people who matter...

Comment Re:All projects need your help. (Score 1) 212

This backlash was because coders know what a regression is, and UX designers do not. They also cn not graps the fact that a regression may or may not effect all users. The equivalent was when the kernel devs introduced a regression into the nvidia drivers, and told everyone to piss off about it. People bitched then too...

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