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Comment Re:Well, Heck... No Wonder! (Score 1) 301

Carbon monoxide acts like poisonous imitation oxygen.

So do all of these things. But yet, some of those very things are also food... Hmm... Perhaps because we are life forms based on... Hmmm... I knew what it was... They say it all the time on Star Trek...

Comment Re:the moral of the story (Score 1) 448

Huh. The conclusion I came to is "NEVER use Twitter". I've deliberately refused to join it and that just reinforced why I refuse to do so. I can't be targeted for my Twitter handle if I don't use the service. GoDaddy has its problems for sure (and I admit to being a customer at present) but I'm not totally convinced that no other registrar wouldn't have done the same thing.

It would absolutely not have happened at SafeNames. Why? Because you have a sales rep who knows you and your phone number. And my sales rep would have placed the call on hold and called my cell to ask what was up.

However, they are more expensive than GoDaddy. For good reason.

Comment Re:the moral of the story (Score 2) 448

Time to enable 2-factor on all my registrar accounts.

No, time to use a registrar that does not use untrained idiots for customer support. This would not have happened at SafeNames. Of course, SafeNames is more expensive than GoDaddy. But if you are protecting a business asset worth over $50k, you do not worry about a few bucks a year.

Comment Re:Intersting (Score 5, Interesting) 118

It seems that it would be reasonable that the copyright holder pays the cost to enforce the copyright, otherwise an entitled copyright holder might request that even symbolic measures should be taken at completely unreasonable costs

Now if someone can just do this with spurrious takedown requests. When there is no cost to it, there is no reason to stop.

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