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Comment Re:Get a helpdesk job (Score 1) 215

Agile is what happens when you take the same lazy, short sighted approach that leads to a clusterfuck and formalize it. It gives reassurances to idiots, but it doesn't lead to success.

We use Agile here for the bigger projects, and there have been so many times that I've thought of moving on purely because of it, it's not even funny. I feel like it makes me stupider each day.

Oh, and fuck you and your "spineless moron" talk. When I'm not working for money, I'm working for free, because I'm an industrious person by nature who takes responsibility for the world he lives in, and there's a lot of shit that needs to be done. Work should be a fierce joy. If it isn't, that's a sign that there's a flaw in your character.

Comment Re:Couldn't we just charge them tuition? (Score 5, Insightful) 689

One of the major reasons the US is rich is because the rest of the world has been using US dollars they receive to buy and sell oil instead of using them to buy US goods and services. It's like if I write a cheque to pay my landlord, who doesn't cash it, but uses it to pay his mortgage, and the bank uses it to pay their employees, and so on, without anyone ever cashing it. The wealth of the US comes at the rest of the worlds expense, for the most part, and they stablize and extend the system with their war machine.

With China now selling oil and natural gas in renminbi and Russia giving China unfettered access to their natural resources, there are going to be some pretty dramatic changes in store for the American people, and most of them don't appear to even have a clue.

They're going to need immigrants desperately, though, because they have a demographic imbalance that's going to leave them with too few young people to maintain things and care for all the retiring boomers.

If they were to close their doors and try to go it on their own, they would be so completely fucked that it's laughable to think about.

And the standard of living of the rest of the world would go up dramatically.

Comment Re:This isn't racism - this is ignorance... (Score 1) 514

Why does everyone feel the need to pretend that George Lucas didn't go looking at foreigners for inspiration for his bad guys? It's so painfully obvious that he did. Everything these people are saying is true... the only question is, should it be taken seriously, and if so, how seriously. Saying, "Yeah, so what?" is one thing, saying "It didn't happen." just makes you look like an idiot.

Comment Re:Who loves USA (Score 1) 377

Oi! Oi! Oi!

I only had temporary residency, but I lived there for years... my kid was born there, actually. I saw what he was talking about with the whole "wanting to be like America" thing. I mostly saw it in the rhetoric used by the folks who wanted Australia to change from a constitutional monarchy to a republic, which was pretty commonplace when I was there.

As a Canadian, I like the connection we have to Australia through being in the Commonwealth, and never saw why so many of you guys got bent out of shape over what is really just a figurehead...

Comment Re:Don't get it (Score 2) 449

i really REALLY don't get this obsession with linking violent video games to violent behavior. Take yours truly:

Born in 1980, I played all the big titles: From Wolfenstein, Doom, Solider of Fortune, to whatever latest titles are out (I can't remember what all the Call of Duty flavors are called, but you get the idea). Hell, I even designed Doom and Half-Life levels based on my old high school (shit, don't tell anyone or they'll come after me next!!!)

At some point in my 20s, I joined the Marines for 4 years, so I know how to use a rifle.

Neither before nor after my service have i EVER had violent tendencies that made me go on a shooting spree. I deal with stress every day (Hello IT, working for an international liquor company that needs to be up 24/7) yet I still score normal blood pressure numbers.

I just don't get this obsession. There are always a few nuts. The rest of us are fairly well-adjusted.

Stupid media. Stupid fear-mongering. Stupid people.

done ranting now.


You became a professional soldier but you don't see that as an expression of your violent tendencies?

Step back from yourself for a moment and think about that.

Comment Re:SOMETIMES cheap and chinese are bad words ... (Score 3, Informative) 233

You're right. The words "cheap" and "Chinese" are sort of red flags that maybe you won't find such nice USB headers and will have power distribution problems or noise on the audio ports or heat issues or bad liquid capacitors or any variety of cheap hardware problems.

While you're technically correct today - on the other hand, a $50 dual core computer on a stick isn't a bad value proposition. Would you really want to put a $200 usb-sized computer through the wash by accident? Or take it travelling and have it filled with sand?

Also, I'm old enough to remember when "made in japan" was synonymous with the same sorts of quality issues that "made in china" represents today. Now, half my tech items are over-priced and underpowered sony products.

He's being sarcastic. Raspberry Pi had all the hardware problems he referred to.

Comment Re:I'm usually hard for privacy but you know what (Score 1) 597

Simple - even though he doesn't say so in so few words and has written essays on it, it essentially boils down to 'My way or the highway'.

That is how leaders are supposed to be. They are not there to coddle you, they are there to pursue and inner vision with complete integrity to that vision. You raise them up when the world needs them and you diminish their influence when it doesn't. What you don't do is expect them to sacrifice their integrity. If they do that, they're not leaders, they're just the guy who happens to be in front.

Comment Re:Alternative: XFCE (Score 4, Insightful) 152

There seem to be a rash of these Mac-like OSes these days (including the hilarious Windows 8) - I don't quite understand the appeal.

That's because you (like most of us here) learned about computers using devices with separate keyboard, mouse and screen. We are currently at the tipping point where more youth learn about computers through devices with only a touchscreen (phones, tablets) and have never used a laptop.

That tipping point is driving interfaces that cater to the touchscreen user experience, even though those interfaces don't allow for as much interaction as UIs driven by the keyboard/mouse/screen user experience.

Your statement is not that far removed from "Most youth learned about computers through devices with only a gamepad. It's true, but it doesn't mean much. The thing that makes what we call a "computer" a "computer" is that it's general purpose, and designed to empower creative work. Barring radical developments, tablets and phones are not going to displace the traditional computer any more than game consoles did.

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