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Comment Re:Not too long until an iceberg attack is reveale (Score 5, Insightful) 192

The real key here is that there is no advantage to the device at all.

In the cryptographic protocol that the authors (all physicists) believe to be novel, but which every cryptographer is aware of:
1. The authors have a perfectly secure channel (separate from the one established in the protocol).
2. They exchange as much information over that channel as the device stores.
3. The later established channel can only use that number of bits.

For real excitement they xor together their OTPs. Sorry guys but this is called a pre-shared key and the crypto world is quite aware of it. Good luck with the window dressing getting you past the PC of a physics venue.

Comment Re:Saving everyone a few seconds on wiki (Score 1) 209

Do you know anything at all about the Blue Brain project?

Serious question: if you do not then there is a video floating around from ICC'11 with Henry Markram explaining an overview of the project. Given that they are building artificial simulations of biology specifically so that they can explore how they work, build hypotheses and then experimentally validate them it is somewhat hard to see how this approach can be described as cargo-cult AI.

Comment Re:Latency? (Score 1) 114

Do you know why the target bandwidth for USR (15Gb) is lower than the bandwidth for SR (28Gb)?

It seems strange that they would not take advantage of the shorter distance to increase the transfer speed.

Comment Re:Wrong (Score 1) 184

If bandwidth is finite, serializing downloads means one finishes first, and can be used while the others download.

No. If you run all of the downloads in parallel then one of them still finishes first and can be used while the others finish off.

Also, when the available bandwidth per-stream is lower than the available bandwidth per-link it is quicker to run the downloads in parallel. Lastly, when the total bandwidth across all the streams is still less than the link (which is frequently true) then the sequential time of each is unaffected by running them in parallel, but the total time is greatly reduced.

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