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Comment Re:Wrong (Score 1) 184

If bandwidth is finite, serializing downloads means one finishes first, and can be used while the others download.

No. If you run all of the downloads in parallel then one of them still finishes first and can be used while the others finish off.

Also, when the available bandwidth per-stream is lower than the available bandwidth per-link it is quicker to run the downloads in parallel. Lastly, when the total bandwidth across all the streams is still less than the link (which is frequently true) then the sequential time of each is unaffected by running them in parallel, but the total time is greatly reduced.

Comment Re:State sponsored (Score 1) 77

Mostly. It would start with interesting ideas and strongly developed characters that tell an interesting story of our time. Sadly by the time the final curtain drops in the desert outside of Las Vegas we will all be convinced that the story ran its course long ago and that the untimely appearance of the hand of god himself to trigger a nuclear detonation is the sad work of a creative mind all spent. In short the main problem that it would cause is that the extra 300 pages of padding cannot hide the lack of a good ending.

Comment Filmon (Score 1) 78

Take a look at, they stream all of the free to air channels as well as a few others. The SD feed is ok quality for free, or they have a subscription service for a HD stream. I think that it is a legal service, they have some information about paying channel providers on their website, but they have been sued before and there might be one case still pending.

Comment Re:Actually right now (Score 1) 176

You seem to have a strange difficulty in thinking. The internet may be a "GLOBAL" area, but this is not the internet. This is a small part of the internet called slashdot that has an explicit english language bias.

I would assume that the japanese can speak english well, it is the dominant world language after all.

Comment Re:It is NOT the limit of current technology (Score 1) 176

You've made a long and complex argument that the transistor density is low by comparing it against other types of chips. The density is limited by heat dissipation. A DRAM only accesses a few bits at a time so even accounting for refresh something like thousands of those billions of transistors are active at the same time. In a GPU most of the transistors are for processing paths that will be used in parallel, and many separate memories that will be accessed independently. Orders of magnitude more transistors will be active at the same time resulting in a lower density design. When the controlling factor for density is the application of the chip it does not make sense to compare to other types of chips, where the applications allow higher densities.

I'm curious about your last comment. Nobody knows exactly what the reticule limits for current foundries are as they are trade secrets. The comment in the summary about being close to this limit was clearly hyperbole, but what makes you so sure that it is wrong?

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