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Journal Journal: Not AGAAAAIN!

Crap! Left my computer on - friends over - that know about Pasted the whole comments page again so now my name is on this crapflood. I'll lock my screen next time, honest! They didn't know what 'post anonymously' meant so they just ticked it. Whoohoo!

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Journal Journal: Ick Ick Ick! 1

Oh no, comment posting got disabled for me. Now I have to wait a while until it's re-enabled, and I won't have anything to do over thanksgiving break!

Somebody came to my house- went to slashdot- and started posting CRAPFLOODS repeating the parent comments OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER, and some moderator decided to strike all of them with -1 Redundant- so now I can't post.

Luckily- he ticked the post anonymously box- otherwise I would've seriously killed him.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: Random Journal 5

I still can't metamoderate. :(

I'm just posting this so people can comment on anything they want. If they want to comment. *shrugs*

I'm doing a science fair experiment for this extracurricular program at my school. I'm basically doing OGG vs. MP3 in listening tests. Anyone got advice?

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Journal Journal: Slashdot Karma System 1

Look, I submit a post, and I get moderated to 0, as a moderator thinks it's redundant. I was expanding on a previous post (also made by me), so I would think of it as fair.

However, this ONE MOD POINT brings me down to BAD karma. Now I can't post anonymously, and I lose my +1 bonus! This is a horrible system. I got moderated to _0_ and now all my posts are _0_? This isn't fair! [and now I probably am subject to 2 posts a day]

Naysayers would say, sure, this system prevents against the trolls, but ONE POST moderated DOWN is an absurdity!

The FAQ says "Really Bad users may even lose their +1 associated with being a registered user.", but I've only had one post moderated down!!!

Conclusion: I don't mean to bitch about it, but the slashdot moderation system is unfair.

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Journal Journal: Email received from Sigma Designs regarding MPEG-4 codec

From: "Tech Support" <>
Interesting, huh? :)

Interested Parties concerning Sigma's MPEG-4 CODEC

Thank you for contacting Sigma Designs and requesting information that
relates to our MPEG-4 CODEC and the availability of its source code. We
would like to take this opportunity to address the relevant issues that have
been raised.

To begin with, Sigma developed an MPEG-4 CODEC to assist in the
proliferation of MPEG-4 content and to ensure that users can create content
libraries compatible with the ISO MPEG-4 video specifications and its
implementation in silicon. Fulfilling this goal was carried out in two
steps. The first was the introduction of an MPEG-4 CODEC, provided free of
charge, so that worldwide users could begin encoding new content. The
second was the release of source code, so that the development community
could continue with technical improvements. Sigma never intended in making,
nor realized, any profits from this code base.

Several weeks after the CODEC was first released, Sigma was contacted by the
XVID development team regarding the use of certain portions of their code.
Upon examination, it was determined that one of our programmers, unbeknownst
to management and contrary to Sigma's policy, had utilized some routines
posted by XVID as open source. During the past four weeks, Sigma had
communicated with XVID to resolve the situation. As a result, Sigma has
decided to make the current version of the MPEG-4 CODEC available under the
GPL license.

Sigma is a supporter of the Linux operating system, appreciates the work
being done by the open source community, and continues to issue certain
other code under open source arrangements. Though we believe that we have
acted as expediently as possible, Sigma Designs sincerely apologizes to the
open source community for this inadvertent use of GPL code and for the
several weeks it took to resolve the situation.


Ken Lowe
Vice President of Business Development

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