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Comment Or what you're doing with the OS (Score 1) 526

Software that's single-threaded, no it doesn't benefit from more cores

But - to an extent - running multiple single-threaded applications does. You're still bound by I/O, but it lets you do things like have something ripping a CD/DVD or doing a/v encoding running the background while you're still able to play a game online. In most cases add an Antivirus to the mix and it's quite often sucking up a good portion of a core when you're hitting a lot of files (again, also I/O, but SSD's help)

Most people wouldn't multi-task enough to see the advantage of 8 cores, but they used to naysay multi-core as well. Go back to a high-Mhz single-core machine and tell me it's not painful.

Comment Simulating the game not the character (Score 1) 207

It seems there should be a line between one's persona as an individual versus a member of a team/group. For example, one could make a game with characters from various sports teams in said sports roles, but you couldn't use their likeness for non-sports games.
I also fail to see how stats are owned by the player as opposed to the league.
In the end, we'll probably see game character vaguely similar to players, but different enough to skirt lawsuits, similar to using Deagle instead of "Desert Eagle" etc.

Comment Remember the old internet (Score 1) 365

Remember the internet in the early days? Where you could generally get email without spam, join deep discussions without trolls, and download stuff without being sued?

Do we really *want* Linux to be an OS that wins over all the Windows users? Sure, there will still be stuff for geeks, but how much will cool development and hacks be drowned out by requests for new fancy widgets or lame bug reports from people who don't have the understanding or patience to try things out themselves? What happens when all the fun stuff is eclipsed by the quest for "moar moneys!"
I'm happy to see things like Steam on Linux, but I DO NOT want Linux to replace Windows.

Comment Re:I don't know, has he? (Score 1) 365

"trying for markets they were weak in (server) while neglecting markets they were strong in (desktop)"

And a lot of that because the current market doesn't expect you to be consistent, you have to grow and grow. Thus do you hear about companies that turned a 15% increase in profit but suddenly stock suffers because investors are expecting 20-25%.


Comment Outgoing VS incoming (Score 1) 555

Generally when I think about the "Net Neutrality" issue, I tend to think more of ISP's restricting where traffic can go out to, rather than preventing one from running webservers for incoming connections.
However, if we start with webservers, then how about torrent clients (which have bi-directional traffic) or the many other services that are essentially server/client oriented?
How about hosting game servers?

Neutral is neutral. Google can charge you for the pipe, but unless I'm doing something malicious with it (note: not what they don't like, but something criminal), they can fuck right off.

Comment Re:These big battles are a rarity (Score 1) 296

Part of games and entertainment is separating the game from real life. Shooting people in the head isn't going to go over well in RL (well, unless you're a marine sniper on deployment), but in many games you're not going to get very far without it.

In Eve, it seems that various sneaky traits are consistent with the game universe. It's not all about a head-on attack with lasers blazing, the economics and conspiracy seem to play a pretty strong part in the game. Much like a character in a sci-fi novel or movie, when playing the game you'll have to take the risks: is this guy for real, a snitch, a sneak or a thief?

Comment Re:I can believe this! (Score 1) 256

That's likely in part because you interact with your own children when they're not being annoying, noisy, crying or mean. Kinda like how the barky neighbour's dog would just be considered a yappy nuisance.

Now if you spend a bunch of time with [other person's kids], more empathy would likely generate over time. This doesn't always happen, as in some case step-parents are kind but in others there's almost a jealous for affection or "my genetic kids first" at play, but it's still more common than not.

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