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Comment Well, this certainly clears things up (Score 1) 394

From TFP:

Vendor 106 is a retailer of the electronic content provided by supplier 104. Examples of vendor 106 include an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) or an Independent Hardware Vendor (IHV) that sell the electronic content provided by supplier 104 for use with computers 102.

OEM 108 is a manufacturer and retailer of computers 102. OEM 108 may also be a retailer of the electronic content provided by supplier 104.

FIG. 2 shows a general example of a computer 142 that can be used in accordance with the invention. Computer 142 is shown as an example of a computer that can perform the functions of client computer 102, supplier 104, vendor 106, or OEM 108 of FIG. 1. Computer 142 includes one or more processors or processing units 144, a system memory 146, and a system bus 148 that couples various system components including the system memory 146 to processors 144.


Comment Well, they certainly thought this one through (Score 1) 260

From TFA:

In a defamation case involving anonymous speakers, the ruling said, courts should first require the plaintiff to try to notify the anonymous posters that they are the subject of a subpoena. That notification could come in the form of a message posted to the online forum in question, and the posters must be given sufficient time to respond.

What if I never return to the site and never see the posting? Then what?


Comment Re:Clever play (Score 1) 370

(1) it's tough getting people, and especially kids, to read books these days, due to the allure of electronics; and

I agree this is tough but the point is it is not really about reading. It is about being read to. Two different worlds.

(2) when Amazon came up with a way of marrying books to electronics in the form of the Kindle, this was a good thing for people who try to make a living writing books.

I agree but let us not forget the point being made in this post. I am all for allowing the Kindle thing to read to people but that is not the same as reading.


Comment I'm safe (Score 1) 258

"It is not just your name, it is your whole Internet surfing history. Up until now, there was privacy. An IP address is not your name, it is a 10-digit number. A lot more people would be apprehensive if they knew their name was being left everywhere they went," he said.

Mine goes up to 11.


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