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Comment Re:Headline is a little misleading (Score 1) 529

Unless they run a memory dedupe automatically. Every object is not instantly decoherant to its former, ah, object, multiplied by infinity. Perhaps they merge back over "a time" as a single object, rejecting the "unfavourable" outcomes and all keep coming back to a single "most favourable" object that we see as reality.

Perhaps what we see as reality and the weirdness of QED is the Big FAT32 pre-defrag by the Magic Sky Santa.

Comment Re:backup data and replace (Score 0) 249

Two thoughts.

If a hemisphere is wiped out by a meteor I doubt that his data will be a great concern.

Second, that the fact that customs starts and scans your computer sounds like an excellent vector to insert a virus into them. Make it supicious enough that theyll WANT to keep a copy of the HDD. Either that, don't pay the fee then wait till some schmoe buys it at a recovery auction and target the new user with a root kit.

Just feeling evil today ;)

Comment Re:Free speech under attack. (Score 1) 138

Perhaps, but it must seriously burn your jocks that none of your comments are moderated above 1.

I am hardly anonymous, quite the opposite.

I took a little time to read you other comments after i posted mine. It was a knee jerk post, and i apologise for that. But i do feel your worldview is overly sarcastic, deply negative and well, rejected.

Comment Re:Free speech under attack. (Score 5, Insightful) 138

I don't think we have ever been really free, at least in a modern sense.

I suspect the early Picts, Vikings and other tribes had significantly more freedom than we have today.

We live in a pervasive information society, one where the government is the biggest customer and companies are all too happy to sell our data to it.

Our grandchildren will piss on our graves for what we have allowed.

Comment Re:just fair (Score 1) 805

You don't need to do this. It already is.

We, after all, "hate" them for their freedoms (don't we?). When you are poor you loose nothing, when you are rich you loose everything, therefore "they" see enemies everywhere, conspiracies where there are none and an increasingly restless population who need to externalise the insecurities.

"They" are taking Our Jobs. "They" hate us for our freedoms. "They" want our lifestyle.

No we don't. The vast majority of people in the world just want to be left the fuck alone, not having to worry about a double tap drone strike, or a midnight black bagging, rendition and torturing. Speak up and become a target.

Julian spoke up. He knows the day will come where he magically has a heart attack while eating dinner.

Its the American Way.

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