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Dumping Aqua On Mac OS X For X11? 161

Sagefire asks: "Aqua is a beautiful interface but it can be incredibly resource intensive (especially for older/low-end machines). And, though the open source community has made great strides in reverse engineering proprietary drivers from Mac OS X, I would love to be able to simply keep using the drivers that came with it, for now. Since there is a fully functional BSD variant under the hood, is it possible (using X11.app, darwinports, and/or Fink) to boot to a command line and simply startx? Would it use less RAM to bypass Aqua?"
XBox (Games)

Journal Journal: One confused Xbox...

Just a quickie: one slightly confused Xbox...

If you can't read the text, it says:

This is an Xbox game disc.
Please put it in your Xbox to start playing.

(We somehow managed to get it to play the Xbox game as a DVD... not intentionally, must've just completely confused it.)


Journal Journal: Weirdness 8


Firefox 1.0.4, reproduced at 1600x1200 (native res) and 1400x1050, on both Windows and Linux (res I used for the VNC server to record that). Didn't work at 1024x768.

The Internet

Journal Journal: StumbleUpon 2

I briefly mentioned StumbleUpon in a JE just over a year ago, so I thought that, now that nobody actually reads this, I might as well mention it again.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: Moid

If anyone's bored and fancies running an IRC bot to randomly spew out semi-correct looking sentences, give Moid a go. You can see some example web-based output, but bear in mind that it's been learning from IRC and stuff people paste it, so it's probably not something you want to read when your boss is staring at your screen. Most of the time it just says strange crap, but occasionally it does say some things wh


Journal Journal: Technology still hates me.

Since the previous JE on the subject:

  • I've got a new AXP2000+ (YAY!!!)
  • That's died :|
  • I put the PIII 450 back together
  • The network card wouldn't work.
  • I've been using my P Pro 200 server (sans X) for IRC, and a 180MHz Mac for web browsing etc for the last week or so.
  • I just sorted out my network card.
  • I ran Doom 3 to see how crappily it would work.
  • My machine froze.
User Journal

Journal Journal: DAMNIT 3

I swear that it must be "Blow Up All Of Dave's Computers Week" or something.

Firstly my main machine (Athlon XP 2600+) started randomly freezing. I eventually tracked it down to graphics card and stuck an old GeForce 2MX in there. Amazingly Doom 3 ran at a high-ish FPS...

My laptop's charger is also b0rked. So I can't use my laptop, but at least I rescued my main machine.

User Journal

Journal Journal: application/xhtml+xml

I'm just interested in hearing some opinions on a decision I made yesterday; to send all of the XHTML for bloat as application/xhtml+xml; this does have the advantage of turning off tag-soup mode in browsers that support it, and being properly compliant to XHTML 1.1, but it also means that people with browsers which don't support application/xhtml+xml can't parse it (the only ones I can think of off the top of my head are IE, links, and lynx). Does


Journal Journal: "Popular Categories", eh? 2

I just took a look at the Prelinger Archives, just out of interest. Looked around the page a bit, clicked on some of the links, then found the "Popular Categories" box. For those who can't be arsed to follow the link, or if it's since changed, it contained the following:

Popular Categories
1. Pornography
2. Sex education
3. Sexualities
4. Sex education
5. Animation


Journal Journal: Eh...

Does this look like people trying to gain access to my Eggdrop, or are they just portscanning me?

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