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Comment Re:Maybe they don't have money... (Score 2, Insightful) 221

I now have 3 consoles, all purchased or repaired in the last year.
An NES with Duck Hunt and Super Mario (and 8 other games) ($25).
A PS One with 5 games ($10)
And a PS2 with 2 games $40.

I play on a 13" colour TV, and a 20" Sony TV that I got for free this year when someone moved out and left it as trash.

And I don't have a wife to supplement my income. HD is for my 25" LCD computer monitor, not TVs. TV is for my friends to pay for, at their places.

Comment Opt out (Score 4, Funny) 54

They could just opt out, as The Onion explains how.

I may need to opt out, as I saw the Google Car south of Moose Jaw as I was driving by. At first I thought it was a car with a bike on top, but then I saw it was a big camera system. I was looking right at it too! And my face has never appeared on the Internet before (while I've been in my car). I'm gravely worried (but not really).

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