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Politics and 'An Inconvenient Truth' 630

Frogbeater writes "The producer of 'An Inconvenient Truth' is accusing the National Science Teachers Association of being in the pocket of Big Oil because she can't get preferential treatment for her film. The entire situation is turning into a 'if you're not with us, you're against us' yelling match. Regardless of the viewpoint, is it even possible that science can remain apolitical? Has it ever been?" The Washington Post makes things out to be less than above board: "In the past year alone, according to its Web site, Exxon Mobil's foundation gave $42 million to key organizations that influence the way children learn about science, from kindergarten until they graduate from high school ... NSTA's list of corporate donors also includes Shell Oil and the American Petroleum Institute (API), which funds NSTA's Web site on the science of energy. There, students can find a section called 'Running on Oil' and read a page that touts the industry's environmental track record -- citing improvements mostly attributable to laws that the companies fought tooth and nail, by the way -- but makes only vague references to spills or pollution. NSTA has distributed a video produced by API called 'You Can't Be Cool Without Fuel,' a shameless pitch for oil dependence."

Creationism Museum To Open Next Summer 1570

Aloriel writes to point out a story in the Guardian (UK) about the opening next year of the first Creationism museum in Kentucky, just over the Ohio border. From the article: "The Creation Museum — motto: 'Prepare to Believe!' — will be the first institution in the world whose contents, with the exception of a few turtles swimming in an artificial pond, are entirely fake. It is dedicated to the proposition that the account of the creation of the world in the Book of Genesis is completely correct... The museum is costing $25 million and all but $3 million has already been raised from private donations." A lot of that money is going into the animatronic dinosaurs, which are pictured as coexisting with modern humans before the Fall. According to the article, up to 50 million Americans believe this. The museum has a Web presence in the site.

Novell Gets $348 Million From Microsoft 308

An anonymous reader writes, "Novell has published additional details about its agreements with Microsoft concerning Windows and Linux interoperability and patents. It seems the company is receiving an up-front payment of $348 million from Microsoft, for SLES subscription certificates and for patent cross-licensing. Microsoft will make an upfront payment to Novell of $240 million for SLES subscription 'certificates' that Microsoft can use, resell, or distribute over the term of the agreement. Regarding the patent cooperation agreement, Microsoft will make an up-front net payment to Novell of $108 million, and Novell will make ongoing payments totaling at least $40 million over five years to Microsoft."
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Journal Journal: Good OS X Programs 2

Here is a list of my favorite Mac OS X programs, which I use on a regular basis. Feel free to post your own, but to get on my list programs must be freeware or open source, and they must use native widgets.

FFview - an image viewer. Great for large, organized photo collections (see my iPhoto rant earlier). Designed for reading manga.
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Journal Journal: Apple's Interfaces are Retarded 1

I understand why everybody likes Apple's interfaces. If you try to do something simple, it usually works. However, for more complex or repetative tasks there is generally no good way to do various things. Worse still, the UI gets in your way. For example:
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Journal Journal: Current Keyboards and Mice are Crap 1

Is it just me, or is it impossible to buy a normal keyboard and mouse these days. Every keyboard now has at least ten "multimedia" or "internet" keys, and god help you if you want a mouse without a scroll wheel. I have on my desk a fairly ordinary keyboard (although it has those blasted "windows" keys) and a Logitech 3-button mouse. I dread the day when I have to replace the mouse. Does anyone have a source for "no-shit" keyboards and mice ? I'd be very interested.

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