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Comment Re:And the sad part is... (Score 1) 478

There is no safe way to drive without being able to see the road. Nobody that I know of considers it a good idea to have people who cannot see allowed to drive;

But I thought that the rumble strips on the side of the road were there so blind people knew when they had go too close to the edge? Have my friends been lying to me?

Comment Re:My wife came up with a solution (Score 1) 352

We started going more exotic places. Places that don't have cell signal or internet access. If they want to call a boat to the tune of $5-$10 a minute they're welcome to.

I hear that option. I've decided to go to Cuba for my next vacation, I'm in the UK but the rest of my team is in the US, as is our mail server. I figure that I won't be able to connect to the mail server even if I wanted to, and thus ensure 2 weeks of complete downtime

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 615

I agree with you on the 75%. I just changed from working in an office when not at customers to working from home, new job and no office in my country. It is incredibly easy to forget to stop working when working from home. If my wife is out for the evening she has started to phone me at about 7 and ask if I am still working, and if so might it not be a good idea to stop.

Also it's pretty nice to take 30 minutes at lunch time and actually have somewhere to go at relax with some food, a book and some peace and quiet

Comment Unstable (Score 1) 145

I miss read the summary at first and thought they are aiming for it to be as stable as Skype, I thought can't you aim a little higher than that guys.

Reminds me of someone talking about how they got 5 nines uptime with Windows, some else asked if they were aiming for 10% next year

Comment Even further ahead (Score 1) 554

I think the bigger impact for some people will be being even further ahead of the US in terms of timezone. At the moment 5 hours is okay, I work with people in the Middle East, Europe, UK and the east coast, from the UK and this is manageable at the moment. I don't start work until about 9 and then work till about 7 or 8 if needed. This gives me a good amount of overlap with everyone. If this goes ahead then I'm going to be have to work later into the evenings sometimes, just negating the increase in outside drinking time, and giving me less quality time with my wife who will be working normal UK hours.

Nice idea, but not something that is particularly convenient for myself

Comment Re:I call BS (Score 1) 671

I agree entirely. Let's not forget that sales is a phenomenally difficult profession to work in. I work as an SE, so I sit in between technology and sales by handling the technical parts of a sale for an enterprise software vendor (yes, I said enterprisy, yes I spend my days pulling my hair out). I am in awe of what these sales guys can do to navigate around a potential customer, figuring out who has budget, can make decisions, convincing them that we can add value and letting us get in to do a POC.

Also, it's a very feast or famine type of a job, exceed your quota and your laughing all the way to the bank, miss 2 quarters in a row and your out. I know people talk about lack of job security in any profession but I for these guys the cost of failure, your fault or not, is pretty high.

Comment Re:Tried to mistype both, (Score 1) 86

I think it depends on what words you use as well, my iPhone now auto corrects all kinds of words which aren't in the dictionary, such as the name of my employer, our products and the village I live in. It might be getting these from things like the address book of course so I don't know for sure.
Open Source

Linux 2.6.37 Released 135

diegocg writes "Version 2.6.37 of the Linux kernel has been released. This version includes SMP scalability improvements for Ext4 and XFS, the removal of the Big Kernel Lock, support for per-cgroup IO throttling, a networking block device based on top of the Ceph clustered filesystem, several Btrfs improvements, more efficient static probes, perf support to probe modules, LZO compression in the hibernation image, PPP over IPv4 support, several networking microoptimizations and many other small changes, improvements and new drivers for devices like the Brocade BNA 10GB ethernet, Topcliff PCH gigabit, Atheros CARL9170, Atheros AR6003 and RealTek RTL8712U. The fanotify API has also been enabled. See the full changelog for more details."

Submission + - Goldeneye Source released ( 2

tekgoblin writes: Were you a fan of the original Goldeneye on N64? Well this 5 year Half-Life 2 mod called GoldenEye Source has just come out of beta and fully released free. The game is a fan-made creation with the objective to bring the original experiences from GoldenEye on N64 back to life. I remember spending hours upon hours playing Goldeneye on the N64 and was sad seeing it go.

Comment Re:Resistance Of Change (Score 1) 511

...this technological miracle that was recently invented (years ago) called Outlook.

You had me up until that bit.

In fairness, it's really not a bad tool. I use Outlook task list all the time to remind me to do stuff. Calendar, email, task and simple notes in one place makes sense to me. I think this is one of the products Microsoft really has got right, it works for 99% of people, picks its way though whatever proxy or auth I am sat behinf in the client office or hotel and is for me the best place for short term off site backup.

Comment Re:Obsessesion (Score 1) 366

I think your spot on, I say this as an iPhone user for about a year who just picked up one for my wife. She didn't see te point of it when I first got mine but came round and now she has one thinks it is the best thing since bread. Apple make product for people, Joe Public. I use Apple at home because I spend my day job making tech work, when I get home I just want to make Family Guy appear on my TV or get my email. No fuss no effort.

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