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Comment Re:I Disagree (Score 5, Insightful) 548

I think you are too 1.0.

Customer: loading netflix...
Netflix: Sorry, Comcast has blocked Netflix because it competes with their own offerings. They were previously sued for this anticompetitive behavior, but it continues.

Your location was detected as [Philadelphia, PA], please click here for information to set up internet with: [ ] Verizon, [ ] RCN, [ ] Clear.
Please click here to upload a video to youtube requesting the department of commerce investigate this matter.
Please click here to connect to Netflix through 7 proxies.

Comment Secure cookies (Score 1) 77

Assume sites want to prevent firesheep, and do not want https everywhere. Does secure cookies fix this?

Login via HTTPS, get secure cookie ("the token") . Then on each page load, use this token to sign your request.

This can be done with existing technology, but requires Javascript.

Comment Re:Of course... (Score 1) 542

I am opening a country today. You are welcome to launder all your profits through me, for 0.0001% tax. You don't need to hire "my people" you even need a mailing address in my territory.

Now I'm rich and you're less poor.

Corporate tax is double taxation. Does it really take 70% of the economy's output (sum of national/state/local taxes for corporation/individual wage/consumption, let alone inflation) to run government in this modern age?

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